Woman Falls in the Yellow Bluff Area of Morgan County

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Florette, Ala. (WHNT)--  The Florette Volunteer Fire Department, Morgan County Rescue Squad, Brindlee Mountain Volunteer Fire Department and the Huntsville Cave Rescue Team rescued a woman who fell Sunday afternoon.

They say the 43-year-old woman was by herself and fell about ten feet near Pines Church Road, which is about three miles from Brewer High School.

She was taken to a local hospital, and is expected to be okay.

"No broken bones, all I know is she was unable to get out by herself, she's in some pretty rough terrain," said Chief Matthew Dudley with the Florette Volunteer Fire Department.

Dudley said his crews get calls for help in the area every now and then.

"We've had a couple on this same mountain but it's not a very accessible point so when it does happen, we have to call in everybody."


  • Jeff Burns

    It was the Huntsville Cave Rescue Unit there and also the Brindlee Mtn. Volunteer Fire Department was there.

  • kelvin

    we are very pleased that she is ok, however; the suspected area of the injury on Yellow Bluff is on private property and the Southeastern Climber’s Coalition let folks climb on this private property and their lawyers challenge the landowners to spend thousands of dollars to sue them to stop it, very sad situation that they never asked for permission to climb the face of Yellow Bluff and also hike on the canyon/crevasse area on private property, The landowners involved have clearly expressed a no-tresspassing policy in the area, I wish the media would take this issue on

  • ron

    Kevin, your comments are good. Pleased the lady is ok. Trespassing is a common problem in our area and it appears there is not much you can do about it,
    just purchase a lot of liability insurance

  • Smiles

    I have been around this area most of my life and have never seen a no trespassing sign nor heard anyone express no trespassing in this area. Glad she is ok as well. It is evident that something should be done about this, you are right about that. “Purchase a lot of liability insurance”? Is this lady suing the owner because she fell on a hike? It would take an awful person to sue someone because they decided to take a hike and fell.

    • Dewey

      Smiles, is there a “no trespassing” sign in your front yard? if there is not do you allow and encourage trespassing? Is there a “do not steal” sign on your car? if not is it OK to steal it? I was told the owner put up several “No Trespassing ” signs on their property and trespassers took them down. In the State of Alabama a “No Trespassing” sign is NOT REQUIRED, Tresspassing is a recognized crime! see Alabama Statue Section 13A-7-4 – Criminal trespass in the third degree

  • John

    The SCC purchased the eastern part of the Yellow Bluff cliff face. Climbers still can’t top out on the top of any of the climbs since that is still private property, but the SCC owns the cliff face and the stretch of real estate along the cliff.

    • Kelvin

      John and all, I am good friends with the landowners of the bluff top and bluff face and live close by, I previously worked with one of the owners who is now deceased, I know the REAL story and here it is: 1) the climbing club only bought the property below the bluff up to the face of the wall, if the bluff was perfectly flat they’d be trespassing every time they walk on it and damaging their property everytime a pin is hammered into the face, there is horizontal and vertical property rights, everyone owns the vertical plane above and below their property line
      2) the bluff owners have not given permission for trespassing & or climbing the wall of their bluff, the club has been nothing but rude to the owners, they NEVER even asked for permission
      3) the climbing club makes claims that they repspect landownwers rights, then why do they CONSTANTLY tie their ropes onto places on the top and let THEIR members walk out on top? they say they do not do this but pictures DON’T lie http://www.flickr.com/photos/114235064@N07/
      4) when I first heard about this I thought the bluff landowners were not being reasonable, after I learned the real story I know had a new view of this

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