Multiple People Shot at Bench Warmer Too in Huntsville

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - Early Sunday morning, Huntsville Police responded to a shooting at a local bar.

The shooting happened at Bench Warmer Too on University Drive around 1 a.m.

The video in this story is provided by Chris Andrade, a witness of the shootings.

Police say multiple people were shot but they didn't know the exact number, since some of the victims made their own way to the hospital.

Police say someone was shot in the neck, but they told us they were conscious and talking when emergency workers arrived.

Police did take a person of interest into custody.


  • B

    Why don’t ALL clubs install metal detectors and require a pat down??? This is way out of hand! How many people have to be victims before something is done? I say close Bench Warmers doors.

  • Mr. Kimbrell

    I Love the Benchwarmer.. this has been a great place to watch the race on Sundays and College football on Saturdays

  • Red

    Multiple people shot? Lets see here, how might this have happened. I am guessing that one idiot pulled a gun in the bar. Upon seeing this, several other fine, upstanding citizens who were legally packing pulled out THEIR weapons in order to “be the good guy” and took some poorly aimed shots at the original perpetrator. Hence… multiple shots fired and multiple injuries.

    • Joe

      Yeah, because everyone had muzzle loaders and could only fire one shot. You do not believe the shooter could not have fired multiple shots into the crowd?

  • Matt Ragland

    It is a great establishment to watch a game and have a beer. You will not find better people than the owners of the Benchwarmer. I’ve been going there for over 10 years and have had nothing but great experiences. On the nights were the crowd is almost at capacity (as it was last night, I was there) they hire extra security and pay two police officers to sit in patrol cars in the parking lot. Apparently the shooter had a fake ID as I did in my teenage years, and everyone who enters is pat down. My guess is the shooter had a small caliber gun that probably could be concealed in his shoe. The establishment did everything they could in terms of prevention and this comes down to our youth having no respect or regard for human life, period.

  • Jay

    oh and another thing these clubs do is, if youre underage they just charge you an extra ten dol more than every one else. sad but true

  • Jane

    yes lets close all the clubs, and the bars, coffeehouses, etc.,,any meeting places except eating establishments, churches, places like that. We can’t trust anyone we can’t control , so lets control them by shutting down all these sleazy places. And who will determine what is or is not sleazy? Who will we give up our liberties too? What will be the Next Great Prohibition? Sorry, had to get that off my chest. It gets scary now and then out there, but lets not over-react OK?

  • me

    Lynched????? I’m black beautiful well educated and I grew up without a father and no I stay in no one’s hood… ppl are so quick to judge but are not a custom to realizing street violence is just street violence. What about the Caucasian kids who beat and kill their parents??? Or shoot up our schools. I’m far from racist but you should seriously think before you speak. #rubbedthewrongway

  • Dee

    Hey Dummy….Who is “They”. If you had read the comment in which you are responding to – Clint & Kip Gambino- both used race (black youth) as an argumentative point. I

    I read this article several times and I did not see where the news…in print… said that the shooter was black.

      • Dee

        No, you don’t know. And to assume a particular race in any case is just wrong. Yes, I am black, just in case you wanted to assume that too. However I thought, until now, that people were better than the posts I that have seen on this particular incident. Not one post gave a solution just a case of “racial identity”. Each posts gives a good argument to the fact that racisim is still very much alive.

        Wishing you all well :)

  • valerie

    Closing doors to clubs will not solve anything. That doesn’t solve the problem of violence, alcohol OR gun control. Shootings happen everyday….. schools, robberies etc. People white and black, old and young will be much better off when they realize the problem is we live in a world full of hatred and evil. The only thing that can stop this is prayer and guidance for our youth!!!! I hate to think what times will be like when my kids are set free into this society that has already self – destructed!!!

  • Branko Pezdi

    The destruction of the family in the black community is ENTIRELY (I.E. 100%) due to government policies that began with LBJ’s “Great Society”. Prior to the 1960’s the black family was actually more cohesive than whites. Nothing is sadder in today’s political scene than the overwhelming majority of blacks (>90%) consistently voting for policies and a major political party that have done more harm to them than anyone in history.

  • greeneyedvirgo

    I don’t know the reasons that these things happen, be it they haven’t had a father present, a mother that has worked multiple jobs to keep food on the table, I don’t know. But, our black youth are killing one another. We have a group in society, be they black, white, brown, yellow, green, I don’t care what the color is, that they have no respect for themselves or their fellow humans. They have been taught the quickest way to deal with an issue is with a gun or a knife (more often than not, gun). It boils down to no respect for themselves or anyone around them. Community leaders it is time to put programs in place that will step in to help these children, long before they get to this point. Give them something to be proud of. Show them a better way of living and life besides guns, drugs, gangs and the street way of life. Some of them have never had anyone care about them except for their gangs. What a shame. For the ones of you that are calling names, etc. What have you done to make where you are living a better place? Have you volunteered at the local boy/girls club? Have you been a mentor to an at risk youth or teen? What are you doing? This is everyone’s problem and until we treat it as that it isn’t going to get better. For our black youth, you get really upset at white people and how you are mistreated, etc. Have you ever stopped to look at what you are doing to your own race and the sterotype that you have because of your actions? No one but you can make these changes. People can help, but you have to love yourself and your race enough to make the changes. So I ask again, no matter your color, what are you doing to make things different?

  • concerned parent

    It’s not a black or white problem, Its a parenting problem! If your kids a thug, I’m sure you know it! If not, maby you should spend more time getting to know them. Unfortunately its not easy disciplining kids these days. We can thank the state for that. Apparently its against the law to snatch a kid up to teach them respect. Then crap like this happens! Wake up huntsville! ! Get it together. These kids have no future without us parents.

    • kip gambino

      I agree concerned parent! But, I also believe some people should not be having kids also. Some of these parents(or normally parent) wouldn’t discipline their kid(s) whether it was against the law or not.

  • Safe Happy Law Abiding Citizen Without a Gun

    After reading some of the comments I believe the most pressing issue is spelling. Oh yeah, It’s ok to have guns for all! God bless America, guns don’t kill people, people kill people. I am yet to hear a logical explanation for that line of reasoning. Please help me understand? From the registered gun owner, law abiding citizen of Madison county perspective.

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