Houston Man Sells Restaurant to Help Employee Get Medical Treatment

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MONTGOMERY, Tx. (KHOU) -- How far would you go to save someone you love? How about someone you work with?

When one Houston Texas restaurant owner found out one of his employees didn't have health insurance and was ill, he decided to take drastic action.

"I have my good days and my bad," said Brittany Mathis.

Mathis, a 19-year-old waitress, doesn't look or sound sick, but she is -- and everyone at the authentic German restaurant knows it.

It started with a rash on her leg.

"I went to the hospital and found out it was my blood clotting," Mathis told us. "So, they wanted to keep me and do CAT scans and MRIs and the next day they came in and told me I had a tumor."

The medical bills are piling up and Mathis Mathis doesn't have insurance and hasn't yet signed up for Affordable Healthcare. She can't afford to find out if the tumor is benign or malignant.

That's where her boss comes in.

"I just can't be standing by and doing nothing," said Kaiserhof owner Michael De Beyer. "I have to try something because it's not right."

That's when De Beyer decided to sell his family's 6,000 square foot restaurant and donate money to Mathis.

"Here's a family, they really work hard they have a lot of stuff against them in the past and they are not holding their hand open they didn't even ask anybody for help," said De Beyer.

Mathis' older sister and mom work at the restaurant too.

In 2000, Brittany's dad, John Mathis, had a brain tumor that no one knew about. When it ruptured, it was unexpected and fatal.

"I guess sort of the same thing Brittany is going through," admitted Barbara Mathis, Brittany's mom. "I just want her to get help."

The Mathis family is overwhelmed that someone could give so much to their family.

"I really think it’s an amazing blessing and can't thank him enough and his family," Mathis said. "Never thought that anybody would do that and he did and it makes me feel really good."

De Beyer said he has owned the restaurant for 17 years and believes it's worth as much as $2 million. He also wants to sell the business to spend more time with his wife and two children.

He's tried to sell the restaurant before, and once turned down an offer for $1.3 million.