French Fry Cutter a Deal… Barely

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After eating Christmas and Thanksgiving food for six weeks, I'm ready to get back to normal food that is bad for us.

With that in mind, I sampled the "My Perfect Kitchen French Fry Cutter."

It costs $16.99 and is a grid-based product that cuts fries. I used cooking spray to make the grid of blades cut more smoothly.   It did help with this product.

The premise is, you put a potato in the cutter, and then use some elbow grease to push the potato through the blades.

It worked fine. But this cutter makes short fries.   It won't make long thin fries.

But it will make a bunch of fries quickly.

We make this a Deal. But the plastic handle covering the arm did pop off. And a co-worker bought one and it didn't work very well. He wasn't pleased.

But it did work pretty good for me ... so I will make it a Deal by a thin margin.