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Huntsville Drivers Frustrated By Road Work Delay

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Clubview Drive in Huntsville has been part of the city for a long time. You can tell that by the old style concrete street markers that you see up and down its length.  A few months ago, the city did work on Clubview, and left it with numerous, large, gravel filled holes in the road. "The street is in pretty bad shape to be honest with you," says neighbor Tim Coley.

The work to fix the underground pipes that run under  Clubview actually took place during the summer.  The gravel has actually washed out of some of the holes and made them rough enough for the city to return and put asphalt patches on the worst offenders.  One of the problems, the road is rough enough for drivers to dodge the worst holes. "Everybody dodges. That is dangerous, you don't know who's going to be in your lane, when you round a corner," says Kippi Coley.

The work that left Clubview so rough is actually a good thing. It's preparation for paving the street. Then again, the time between the creation of the holes in the road and the new surface, seems to be a little much. "Well, I think it's messed up. I think if you're going to come in here and dig holes, you ought to fix it as you're doing it," says neighbor Chris Barr."

For people who drive Clubview every day there is one unanimous wish. "Oh please, pave it, fast, now," says Kippi Coley.

We're taking action and making sure city road officials understand the concerns of the neighbors on this rough Huntsville road.

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  • C, Jones

    Thanks channel 19 Club View roads were resurfaced and paved the next Saturday & Sunday. Now we just needs the gutters swept of loose gravel and asphalt.

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