Owner: Same Suspect Robs Gas Station Three Times In One Month

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MADISON, Ala.(WHNT)-Being robbed three times in one month is unfortunate enough, but the owner of a Madison gas station that was struck again Sunday night says all three of those robberies have been committed by the same suspect.

Santosh Pohkrel told WHNT News 19 that surveillance video confirms the latest holdup at the Phillips 66 on Hughes Road was indeed carried out by the same masked man who also robbed the store on December 4th and December 7th.

"He feels comfortable around here, that's why he keeps coming back," said Pohkrel. "It's the same guy, he uses the same way, has the same voice...we need to stop this guy, otherwise everything will be shut down after 6. Our job is to keep the door open and make customers happy. We are doing that part, and the police, I guess they are doing their part."

Madison police were not available to talk on camera and have yet to confirm that Sunday night's suspect is the same guy from last month. Pohkrel said officers did a few stakeouts shortly after the second robbery occured in early December.

In December investigators told WHNT News 19 that a black ballcap the suspect wore in the first two holdups may be recognizable to his friends or family. The hat from those robberies bears a logo that starts with "A", but the rest is unclear. Police described the suspect in December as a black male, approximately 5'9 and 175 pounds, wearing a dark blue hoodie, black hat and jeans.

A $1,000 cash reward being offered by the Phillips 66 owners still stands. Anyone with information on the case is asked to call the Madison Police Department.


  • Huntsville

    This seems fishy!! Really?? 3 times and owner not prepared for him!! Somebody is collecting insurance money off of this scheme! Rob one time, no way he could left on foot the second time!!! Question to the owner of the store; what measures of extra security did you put in place after the first robbery?? Instead if having doors on both sides open, did you make it one way entrance? I smell a rat in this one Madison Police; insider help!

    • Josh

      I really don’t believe that if the owner is involved, he’d be talking about it publicly or would say it’s the same person.

      How about not accusing people of crimes based on your flawed speculation?

    • JA

      Something sounds fishy. A seemingly random person on the internet is accusing the owner. I think the commenter may be the robber trying to lead the police on a cold trail. I smell a rat in this one Madison Police!

  • Jane Wishdog

    The rest of the logo isn’t unclear. It’s an Auburn cap with a gothic font and the emblem offset to the left of the cap. Madison detectives know this is an Auburn cap, so why did you guys just copy and paste paragraphs from last time?

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