Northeast Alabama Counties “Prepared For The Worst, Got The Best”

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JACKSON CO., Ala. (WHNT) — Northeast Alabama was under a winter weather advisory Sunday night but EMA officials say the counties came out without any major situations occurring.

DeKalb, Marshall and Jackson counties were under the same advisory Sunday night. Emergency Management Agencies in those counties monitored the weather all night long.

Jackson County EMA Director Mike Ashburn says the agency was ready for any situation the night could bring.”We had the rescue squad on standby, and the Sheriff’s Department, and other police departments ready to help if any other situation came of it.”

However Ashburn says it turned out to be a quiet night. “Pretty much uneventful.”

Marshall and DeKalb County Emergency Management Agencies say for the most part it was quiet in those counties as well.

The main concern for all three counties was if the downpour Sunday evening brought would turn into black ice on the roads, but EMA officials say the biting wind gusts the area experienced  helped dry out the water before it froze.

EMA officials say even though the area had a quiet night, it’s not time to relax just yet.

They say they’ll continue to be prepared for and monitor any situation that comes up.

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