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School Delays for Wednesday, Jan. 8

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

TENNESSEE VALLEY (WHNT) – Here are the school delays for Wednesday, January 8.  Thank goodness, the weather is expected to warm up today – we’ll finally get above freezing.

Check the Forecast Page on for the latest details as well as our weather blog,, for further discussion.

Here are the school closings and delays announced for Wednesday, January 8:

  • Athens City Schools – 3 hour delay Wednesday
  • Albertville City Schools – 3 hour delay Wednesday. Buses will start running at 9:30 a.m. Car riders should be at school by 10:30 a.m.
  • Arab City Schools – Classes resume 10:00 a.m. Wednesday
  • Bethel Baptist in Hartselle – 2 hour delay Wednesday
  • Blount County Schools- 2 hour delay Wednesday
  • Boaz City School – 3 hour delay Wednesday
  • Colbert County Schools – 10 a.m. start time Wednesday
  • Cornerstone Christian Academy – 3 hour delay Wednesday
  • Cullman County Schools – 2 hour delay Wednesday
  • DeKalb County Schools – 3 hour delay Wednesday
  • Guntersville City Schools – 3 hour delay Wednesday
  • Hartselle City Schools – 2 hour delay Wednesday
  • Huntsville City Schools – Open on time Wednesday
  • Jackson County Schools – Classes resume at 10:30 a.m. Wednesday.
  • Lauderdale County Schools – Opening 10:00 a.m. Wednesday
  • Lawrence County, AL Schools- 2 hour delay Wednesday. School will go an extra hour per day until Jan. 17.
  • Lawrence County, TN Schools – 2 hour delay Wednesday
  • Limestone County Schools – 2 hour delay Wednesday
  • Lincoln County, TN – Classes resume Wednesday
  • Marshall Christian School (Albertville) – Opening at 10 a.m. Wednesday; No early morning care Wednesday
  • Marshall County Schools – 3 hour delay Wednesday
  • Morgan County Schools – 2 hour delay Wednesday
  • Scottsboro City Schools – 3 hour delay Wednesday
  • Solid Rock Christian School – UPDATE: Will open Wednesday at 6:30 a.m.


Have a question about our closings? Please read WHNT News 19’s Closing Policy here.


  • Jessica

    C’mon Morgan County! I’m not ready for Christmas vacation to be over yet! You won’t hurt my feelings if you need to delay or even cancel : )

  • JJ

    Why? We had to wait at the bus stop in the negatives some mornings. Bundle the little ones up good and send them on the way

    • Sherry

      Some children don’t have more than a cotton hoodie- no gloves and waiting for a bus- have some compassion.

    • Mary Jo Terry

      When “we” waited for the bus there was not nearly so much traffic and irresponsible people scurrying to get somewhere quickly. Safety for the children is more important than a day or two of class attendance.

      • JWear

        Going to agree with part of this too. Was almost in two traffic accidents just trying to buy weekly groceries. On top of it all, some guy slammed his shopping cart into me while literally running down isles to get bread (already had his milk). I say let the kids stay home as the parents that can’t even control their kids enough to make them wear warm clothes are near suicidal themselves on the roads!

    • DG

      JJ obviously you lived up North I take it but people down here aren’t used to this weather and yes I’m a Native of Madison county I’m 41 years old as well…. I do remember the cold we’ve had in the last 35 years and no we don’t get it often but we do get it when people aren’t accustomed to it it can be dangerous so maybe that may answer your question as to why.

      • JJ

        North as in Florence, AL? Sure I’ve lived up North. We all have been through cold weather snaps before in the South, the key is to dress warm and use your noggin! Give it a week and we’ll be back to 60 degrees

  • sherri stewart

    if the temp isn’t going to get above freezing, what is the point?! waiting two more hours won’t make a difference in regards to the road conditions. and throw in the inexperienced (high school) drivers…

  • Bandet

    So some highly intelligent person in Huntsville thinks that it is okay for the buses to run 2 hours late but the teachers and staff must come in on time?

      • Bandet

        You are right, teachers do not have to wait on the bus. But neither do most of the students in HCS. If the buses are delayed, everyone should be delayed.

      • K D

        You are right, teachers do not have to wait for the bus. However, we do have to get on the roads long before the buses in order to be prepared for the students’ arrival. This just seems absurd to say that it is not safe for children and bus drivers, but it is OK for everyone else to be out on the roads. If we lived in an area where people were accustomed to driving and being out in these temps, it would be completely acceptable.

      • Rosa

        Uhm the rest of the working people in America have to go to work, so why shouldn’t the teachers? I mean if everyone decides to call of work for their employees then we would have power outages with no one to fix them…

  • Loren

    I’m also wondering why delay Instead Of Cancel? I Don’t See Ice thawing If It Stays Below Freezing….

    • sheena roden

      I agree they should cancel all the schools its too cold for anybody to have to get out a couple of days wont make a difference anyway.

  • Cindy banks

    What abt Roane co in Harriman and Rockwood in country
    Roane co not fair for tn country need same country tn fair don’t
    To get complain not fair need make be fair


    What is the point even to send your kids for 3 or 4 hr. a day? Most have to wait out in the cold for the bus.My children has a long way to walk to even get on.

  • JLDW

    The Madison City School System has already endangered my 3 children 2 times in 2 years. During last winter’s snow they let out way to late and had buses running off roads and sliding. Zerdt Rd. is really dangerous when it snows and/or ices over. Yet that is the way the buses run for the Triana area no matter the weather. One day you will here about a bus full of kids in the water due to these idiots. My high schooler was dropped off just as a bad storm hit (was under tornado warning for that very storm). That storm caused the damage around Whitesburg via high winds.

    • JLDW

      Since they have no problem at all with endangering students. Madison City Schools will be more than likely on time no matter what the conditions.

    • TNjones

      If you don’t trust the buses , why are you putting your kids on them? I’m sure other arrangements could be made to carpool if you can’t take them? I think they do pretty good considering they have 50+ screaming kids on board! I couldn’t do such a thankless job

  • Celestra Gordon

    Madison City schools
    Make a decision that is best for the
    What’s the big deal???(money)

    • Devrun Fytczyk

      You’re right celesta Madison City always makes the best decisions for their children. Good job sticking up for Madison City. kudos to you guy

      • Carley

        I have been very happy with Madison City’s calls regarding school closures and delays. If you don’t want to send your children to school then don’t. Use one of several “parent note” excuse days.

  • Catherine Kellr

    I live in Lincoln Co. Tn. I think they should keep schools closed a few days. Better safe than Surrey

  • Darlene

    Is just like to say Thank You for your updates and trying to let everyone as much as you can as soon as you can. Teachers, Parents, Bus Drivers and Everyone who has to be out on the roads please drive safely. People please understand that the news stations or their crews don’t determine the delays or cancelations of school/daycare or business they just try to make sure that we are aware of them. God Bless You All and Thank You for keeping us informed.

  • Devrun Fytczyk

    Madison city schools are all on flat land That’s why the airport is there. So the buses have no problems. So quit your crying and get your kids ready for school at there normal time. The superintendent is a smart , educated man and is capable of doing his job. So bundle your kiddies up tight and put them on their bus.

    • JLDW

      Did anyone say anything about flat ground or hills moron? Did you read the post or do just like being a troll? There are bodies of water all along the southern end of Zerdt Rd. Multiple families have asked for the route to be changed during bad weather. After letting the kids out too late last time it snowed. I guess all of this suburb and Triana was seeing things or imaging the buses sliding all of the place and through stop signs.

  • Devrun Fytczyk

    Madison City complainer you should be glad your kids have buses to ride. When I was little I used to have to walk 15 miles in knee high snow uphill both ways. Patience selestra patience. That’s what my daddy would say.

  • Melissa


  • Will and Tyler


  • Michelle

    For the people who think it’s “inexperienced high school drivers” they should think about the bad bus drivers and not to mention not having proper heating on the busses that some kids are on for an hour plus. My school will probably just be shut down those days sense the no rise of temperature.

  • Watermalonedrea


  • Aaamie

    If the temp. Doesnt get above freezing, the ice wont melt. So why delay it? There is no point in delaying. Just cancel. Come on superintendents i know yhat u are smarter than that. Time to forge the money for 1-2 days and think about the children.

  • A Fine Grit

    I am a teacher with Cullman County Schools. I was just notified that Cullman County Schools will be closed on Monday with a two-hour delay on Tuesday.

  • Celestra Gordon

    Yes Melissa all schools should be closed!!!
    And it do t matter Devrun if its flat out here
    You still slide on ice

  • Celestra Gordon

    But really what are they waiting for?
    Why wait to the last min
    Maybe a heatwave will hit.
    All the schools on this list
    Are not stupid
    They are smart being
    Have seen what kids wear
    Waiting for a bus
    A hoodie
    Below degree temps
    That will be so dangerous
    And my daughter says the buses
    Are cold too.
    Closed schools for Monday
    Two delay on Tuesday
    That maybe what I
    Implement for my Children.

  • pat

    •Jackson County Schools- 10:30 a.m start time Monday (teachers only); Students return Tuesday, start time 10 a.m.

  • jamal

    I really think we should go to school I want to stay safe than go to school and learn my saftey is better than learning am i right or wrong parents keep your kids safe cars gonna be slipping on the road come on now like really now you wouldnt want to lose your kid now

  • beachgirl

    I am embarrassed at the job that Alabama schools are doing if half of these comments are coming from Alabama high school graduates. The lack of logic and grammar is astonishing! No wonder the rest of the world makes fun of us!

  • Shellie Ray Vandine-Grove

    So the buses are going to run two hours late but schools will be open at normal times . What this means is MORE people who do not know how to drive in this on the roads !!!! So if someone runs in to me as I go to work because the schools will not close for one lousy day will the city pay for the damages ?

  • savannah mcknight

    I think that limestone county schools should be cancled because i live in westlimestone and there are to mant sharp curves and bridges and that could indanger some people

  • Brooke

    Is that Cherokee County Georgia or not just wondering because me and my siblings go to cherokee county ga schools and was just wondering.?

  • nikki bowman

    These schools are crazy.Last time we had delays my bus driver ran off the road and into the ditch because of ice. 2 hour delay doesn’t help what so ever. Yippie ki yay the ice is really going to melt. The heater on the buses doesn’t help what so ever . Limestone county is very cheap and I hate it. Just cancel schools we haven’t used any snow days yet just use them now. Saftey is more important than money

  • vannabug

    True that limeatone county needs to be closed because mg school has bridges and sharp curves and there is crazy drivers come on now close all the schools id rather live then go out there ob them icy roades my saftey is more important than school

  • nikki bowman

    If they do close limestone county it will be last minute as always. Its freezing when its 34 degrees outside and when its 8 degrees were gonna need 6 jackets . Were supposed to have black ice tonight and if these temperatures don’t get above 33 degrees that ice ain’t melting. Were risking many children’s life tomorrow by sending them to school for 3 unnecessary hours. I will be suing the school system if something happens

  • Brandi

    All school systems should be closed… weather or not the superintendents like it or not. There not logically thinking about the situation.. In other words, there only thinking of the money that’s being deducted out of there pockets. They honestly need to reconsider the possibilities of wrecks, or death amongst the (inexperienced) students that’s trying to drive to school ALL BECAUSE THEY DID WHAT THEY WANTED. In my point-of-view.. all of schools should be closed.. There is no way that if we have Black Ice on the roads/bridges/overpasses.. that it will be completely gone by 10:00 am if the temperatures will be still below freezing or at the freezing point. Its common sense people!?
    Honestly if I had children id keep them home.

  • Xtal

    I agree, all schools really need to shut down. We live in Huntsville City…my child doesn’t get the luxury of a school bus to school…its walk, bike ride, or my fiancé or myself. The bad part is, my fiancé has to at work before 10a…as do most parents…leaving me to have to bring out our 2 year-old who is just getting over a 2 1/2 week long virus & our 7 week old who already spent 1 night in the hospital last Sunday after concern about her being sick with…as the ER doctor felt…more than 1 virus & she has been sick & congested 2 weeks & 2 days as of right now. Then to have to bring my 9 year old to school in sub-freezing temps when the wind chills will be in the negatives all day long plus have to bring the babies back out when school lets out is utterly ridiculous. I would gladly watch any child around my complex whose parent(s)/guardian(s) had to go to work, & not charge them. And trust me, I’m not one who enjoys being around a bunch of kids.

    • Haley

      Yes, they can’t take off a delay once they’ve already announced it. So still a delay on Limestone County.

      • Kimberly

        Was checking because on the listing at the top does not include Tuesday. They go from stating that the schools are closed Monday and a determination on Wednesdays decision will be made today. Tuesday’s happenings were not included.

  • TNjones

    Wow.. After reading some of these comments, school should be open all year. Do they not teach basic English any more?

    • Terry Le Dactyl

      I agree!! We also need to throw neglectful or uneducated parents into the mix.

      One example is the comment directly above yours. Do you know what is most unfortunate? Many people who read the comment I just mentioned, will not see the error. Or worse, they will find the sentence structure completely acceptable.

      We are all guilty of typos now and then. But, goodness…we at least “try to” follow the rules of basic English grammar.

      • Kimberly

        I am not an uneducated parent. That question was posted while trying to care for my three children. And for you to feel the need to call someone out about their comment is inappropriate. So I can only assume you are a parent who not only has to “bully” and put others down, but you probably allow your child to do so also. In these circumstances most of the parents on here are not worried about the grammar just the safety of their children. Maybe you should show some respect. And learn the rule I teach my children, if you cannot say anything nice or helpful do not say anything at all.

  • NM

    What is all the arguing over how ppl spell “grammar”. All that is just silly, besides the point of making a comment should be for the subject of the broadcast!
    I agree, why make these children get out in these temp.s? I’ve always thought that was the whole point of having ” Weather Days”. Which in the past 7yrs of sending my 3 children to a Madison Co. school I can count on 1 hand how many times they’ve used the weather days. We should have enough back time weather days to cover the rest of this year’s semester. I just hope the superintendent is making decisions based on safety and not money!!! May all who will have to get out be safe. Bless you all. <3NM

    • DG

      You are absolutely correct on that, and the thing about weather days even if they aren’t used it doesn’t affect the school year. At least when I went to school if the weather days weren’t used they took the days off at the end and we could get out early, but they don’t even do that now, instead they had rather send our kids to bus stops where they have to wait in sub-zero temps for the bus, and a lot of the times the busses are still late even when there’s not bad weather….

  • Ralph Ralpherson

    Once again the school system made a bad call. Everytime HCS makes one of these decisions they are way off. So today t hey are opening two hours later, where the temp is going to be exactly the same. I understand why they do this, but point blank they should either go to school or not, none of this delay or leave early crap. I read some coments and some of you people are way too soft. I’m sick of this “if the buses are delayed then everyone should”. That is the same liberal way of thinking that pretty much equates to “if my kid is poor so should your kid”, or “my kid does bad in school, so shoud yours”.

  • Tonya

    Our school South Lincoln which Lincoln Co. nothing on TV or call nothing posted about school closed figured it out after waiting on bus and even took her to school no one there….seriously!!!!!

    • Claire Aiello

      Tonya, Lincoln County didn’t notify us of any changes to the schedule. But, today was a teacher work day for Lincoln County Schools (it appears that was cancelled, looking at the school system’s website.) Students didn’t have to go today. School resumes tomorrow (Tuesday.)

  • jamison-jones

    Why hasn’t whnt gone on their usual mantra about telling citizens about buying milk and bread out of stores? i’m so surprised! The roads ain’t that bad either. I mean the weather advisory should be for the children and the elderly. The rest of everybody, so long as you are in ‘good’ healthy, go to work! Period. Ridiculous.

  • DLM

    The only thing I have to say to all this is, I was blessed to be able to go to a private school, and if I could afford it my child would as well, because they seem to make better calls on weather than this, at least when it was this cold they did think about the heating systems, and they knew they could be overloaded,, and not work as well. So since the schools can’t make a decent decision then I will have to use my own common sense, and keep my child home on my own. I live way up in North Madison County and its absolutely unnecessary for a child to have to be out in this. They need to use common sense, but I guess everyone doesn’t have it.

  • presley

    Madison city schools schools shouldve been closed. its snowing again and its sticking. Roads are gonna be more icy than before

  • nikki bowman

    Um limestone county says nothing about being closed or open Tuesday. Um I kinda need to know so I can make some arrangements here. I don’t need any last minute delays

  • Bob

    No one here can officially announce a school closing unless it’s verified. So why are you folks doing it?

  • are u kinding

    Why are Madison schools only delayed 2 hours I saw black ice on the roads and just ice and the doors to the car were stuck

    • Bob

      So they take it upon themselves to say a school is going to open late? Worry has nothing to do with it. READ the closings and late openings. 3/4 of the stupid questions here are because people are to lazy to READ and WAIT.

  • .

    Morgan county schools need to be closing. This is ridiculous. My car door is frozen shut. Ice on the roads school buses being cold for children. I wouldn’t want to be responsible for those kids.

  • Sonya

    It makes me wonder why we closed yesterday for cold weather and today they haven’t. I am fine that my kids go to school today, but feel like yesterday’s reason for closing was bogus if they have the kids going when its colder

  • amanda

    I just got a call from Limestone County Schools and not only are they CLOSED today but it also mentioned that they will have a two hour delay tomorrow.

  • Billy

    Morgan County schools were being delayed today when it’s colder today were the buses wont even start so they closed.

  • Rick Smith

    Morgan County Schools – UPDATE – Closed Tuesday due to extreme cold, Its colder over here in the county right next to them, i hope we have no school as well

  • nicole

    Here it says blount countyis delayed. Nothing about Knox county but blount county and Knox are both CLOSED. Says nothing about maryville city or alcoa city. Which are all close tgthr. Is alcoa out? No call. Alcoa is order than Knox. My son goes to alcoa and we didn’t get a call

  • Cheyenne Sierra

    Florence city schools need to just be delayed or closed. Coming from a students POV, it’s too cold to go out that early to drive to school, and with the roads being the way they are, and students not being very experienced in driving, wrecks are more than likely going to happen. Heck, it’s been so cold these past 2 or 3 days my car door wouldn’t even open in the morning! I mean giving us a delay would at least give the sun some time to warm up stuff and thaw it out a little!

  • destiny

    Please quit whining about it being a danger to the kids. It’s not….. it’s just cold it isn’t the end if the world it get to -50° in Alaska everyday but the kids still go to sschool.get over yourself

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