LA Lawyers Want Mississippi State Flag Removed from Orange County Civic Center

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Attorneys from Orange County, Ca. want Mississippi’s state flag removed from a display in Santa Ana’s downtown civic center, saying its Confederate design symbolizes racism and hatred.Mississippi Flag

Mississippi’s state flag is the last to feature The Confederate Battle Flag — a symbol, “inextricably linked to a legacy of racism, exclusion, oppression and violence,” the Newport Beach-based Orange County Bar Assn. said in a statement.

The flag is displayed along with all other 49 state flags in the Santa Ana Plaza of the Flags. The civic center also includes the county’s central courthouse. The Orange County Bar Assn. recently passed a resolution seeking the flag’s removal from the plaza.

“I am proud of the board of directors for passing this important resolution on the 150th anniversary of the Gettysburg Address,” Orange County Bar Assn. President Wayne Gross said in a statement. The emblem, he added, “has no place in or around courthouses.”

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  • Fred C Wilhite, KY.

    The headline says it all,, “Attorneys want Mississippi flag removed”!
    Those who claim they want diversity, are the first to deny others! “They” are a symbol, inextricably linked to a legacy of racism, exclusion, and oppression.

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