Huntsville City Schools To Open Doors To Students, Despite Delays

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) -  Despite a schedule change that will delay classes from starting until 10 a.m. on Monday, Huntsville city schools will be open starting at their normal hours.

School officials say the decision is meant to make things easier for busy parents.

"You've got some parents that don't have options available to them when you have such a delay," said Keith Ward, a spokesman for the district. "[Superintendent Casey Wardynski] wanted to make sure that parents who didn't have options could still have a safe place for their child to be at. "

Classes will start at 10 a.m. and buses will run on a two-hour delay. Students can be dropped off any time before 10 a.m.

Teachers and staff will follow their normal schedule, unless otherwise specified by the district.

Schools that normally offer hot breakfasts for their students will do so as usual on Monday.

Ward says district officials have not yet released a plan for Tuesday, but will continue to monitor the weather.


  • Naime

    Hot breakfasts? That is quite possibly the biggest lie that I have ever heard. None of the ‘food’ is hot. ‘Lucky’ is if it was not frozen stiff.

  • Bryan

    What about the city school teachers who have kids that don’t go to the school that they teach at? What are they supposed to do with their children…dont think this was thought thru.

  • Tamie

    This is ridiculous. Teachers who don’t live close to their schools will be driving on Ice. Maybe our superintendent should learn were not in Colorado. This is Alabama, where we have ice and not snow. Of anything happens to our teachers, it’s on him.

  • MamaKin

    Public school policies were meant to keep children and teachers safe during inclement weather. It was never meant to be “convenient” to parents. Now teachers are forced to arrive before 8:00 am, driving on snow and/or ice? This isn’t well thought out at all. I wonder what they do with all those children dropped off 2 hours early. It sounds like a chaotic nightmare.

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