Deputies: Mom Arrested, Accused of Abusing Her Baby

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Sabrina Sprayberry (Photo: DeKalb County Sheriff's Office)

Sabrina Sprayberry (Photo: DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office)

CROSSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — The DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office says a Crossville woman is charged with abusing her baby boy.

Deputies say Sabrina Sprayberry, 20 is indicted on a charge of aggravated child abuse.

DeKalb County Sheriff Jimmy Harris says the Department of Human Resources contacted them about a suspected child abuse case in Crossville.

Deputies say in August, Sprayberry called 911 and reported her 8-month-old son had fallen and needed medical attention. Sprayberry took him to Marshall Medical Center.

Deputies say the baby was evaluated and then flown to a Birmingham hospital for surgery.

Sheriff Harris says eventually, the investigation showed the mechanism of injury did not match the nature of injury.  A grand jury indicted Sprayberry, and she was arrested and booked into the DeKalb County Jail. She was released on $25,000 bond.

Sheriff Harris says the child is safe, and in the custody and care of DHR.

“A lot of hard work went into this case thanks to DHR, investigators, and the hospital. It is always sad when a child is injured, especially a child of this age,” said Sheriff Harris.


  • mamac

    I don’t know how someone could hurt a baby..And their own at that. That has to be a sorry sorry person. I had 3 boys and the day me and my husband had them is the day we fell in love with our children and now they are 22,18,15 and still to this very day we will lay down our life for them and will protect them and NEVER NEVER NEVER hurt them..Lord please protect ALL your babies..Amen!!!

  • Karinttt

    I don’t understand child abuse. And, watch, this woman will get her baby back probably. The courts need to allow abused children to be adopted as soon as possible once the mother is, if she is, found guilty. I’ve volunteered in a shelter for abused children taken from their parents. Seems the courts are more interested in “keeping families together” than giving the child a loving and functional family. Ask some of these adults who were given back to these parent as children whether that was a brilliant idea. I’d be willing to bet it was not.

  • angel**

    I agree with karinttt I think the poor baby should be given to someone who is loving and gentle who can actually handle the stress of a baby!! I’m 21 with a 2 yr old and a 7 month old. You have to have a lot of love, understanding, and compassion for these babies. If your not ready for that kind of stress there is a great women out there who is will to give them what they need!! I just don’t understand how any one could abuse a poor innocent child no matter what age expecally an 8 month old.! I hope someone special gets the baby boy. God please bless this baby boy. And all the other children with parent who are heartless enough to hurt their child!!

  • Mercy

    People like this need to be fixed to where they can never hurt another child. some people pray and would love to have a child where others pop them out like candy.

  • Amplexatus Anima

    Sometimes things aren’t always as they seem. Sometimes bad things happen to good people. I don’t know this girl, but its not my place to judge her either. I, myself have had to deal with Marshall County DHR due to someone making a false report about me. I understand that DHR is only doing their job, but there are times that I feel they go to extremes. In this article it states that the mother said he fell. What if he accidentally fell down a flight of stairs? Would that not still look like shaken baby syndrome to the doctors? A fall at this baby’s age like that could cause severe injury, possibly even death. We, as humans are always so quick to judge others, even if we don’t know the full story. If she did do it, it will probably be something that she will regret for the rest of her life, whether she is prosecuted or not. My prayers go out to this girl, her son, and her family.

  • sabrina sprayberry

    my name is Sabrina and I did not hurt my baby I love him with all my heart and I done what I had to do when the ambulance told me my son was fine and didn’t need to go to the hospital I took him anyways and thanks anna for sticking up for me but as for all you who don’t no what happened im not guilty for anything but loving my son with all my heart and the detective lied he didn’t tell everything that happened and my son aint in coustody and they didn’t arrest me I turned myself in as soon as I found out they were inditing me and anyone whos ever had a run in with dhr can tell u all they do is tear families apart and lie an turn things around to ther liking and I would never hurt a child I couldn’t even swat a fly and for whatever reason god is putting me through this I have no clue but im hanging in there taking one day at a time bc believe me its been very hard no one noes what im going through and I wouldn’t ever wish this on no one but it don’t help when ppl say I shouldn’t ever have my kids an say bad things bout me when yall don’t even no what happened but opinions are like butt holes everyone has one and if it makes you feel better to talk bout someone else then talk away no one or nothing can put me down more then I already am

    • maureen sprayberry

      hang in their babygirl I love you no matter what and I’m sorry about the other stuff I’m still praying for you

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