School Bus Drivers Reprimanded for Praying

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HOUSTON, Texas (WHNT) – Group prayers from school bus drivers in Houston were cause for discipline from their school district.

The prayers stemmed from the effects of tragedy that rippled through the group. One of their own lost a 12-year-old daughter after she was hit and killed by a vehicle. Fellow drivers rallied around the mother by surrounding her in prayer via a back channel on the bus radio system.

Someone heard the prayers and reported the drivers to the North Harris County school district. The district then wrote up five of their drivers saying the letters they received were not for praying, but for using school property for private purposes. The write ups are in the drivers’ personal files. The group and supporters are trying to get the letters removed from their files.

We want to know what you think. Should the school system have reprimanded the drivers for the group prayers over the bus radio system? Tell us what you think on the WHNT News 19 Facebook page. We’ll share some of your comments in tonight’s News Pulse at on WHNT News 19 at 9:00 p.m. It airs weeknights on WHNT2.


    • Wake Up

      You are correct — taxpayers paid for those radios. Some of those taxpayers are non-Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, or other religious beliefs. I would like to see how much Christian tolerance there would be if this was a story about islamic drivers using the radios to conduct their prayers!

      • JR

        So we wouldn’t want to offend any atheists, buddist, muslims or anybody so your solution is to shut them all up. I take no issue with anyone praying whether it be christian,muslim, buddist etc..Its the atheists that are the problems in this country. They want to run the country themselves, they are the intolerant ones because they are the ones who cry foul anytime there is any mention of religion anywhere..They apparently are better educated and superior to anyone else per their views…I am tired of all this intolerance by them..Live and let live…

      • Wake Up

        JR, that is correct. Leave the religion in the churches and keep the public areas public — devoid of any one type of religion.

  • preacher

    We need MUCH more Prayer in school. The Bible says, The Word of The Cross is Foolishness To those who are perishing. God’s Word will not return to Him Void! Amen…

  • Doris

    This country is becoming far too censured. They have taken the Bible out of the class room, done away with the pledge of allegiance. Now they are telling us we can not pray. This is suppose to be a free country. That is why our forefathers came to America.

  • steve ellis

    I think the drivers should stand tall, its something we all need to do more of. They did nothing wrong, the did not force anything on anyone. They stood up for what they believe in.

  • Matt

    If the school district has a policy against using the radios for private purposes, they should be written up. Reciting prayers or other religion based activities isn’t an excuse to violate that policy. There are appropriate venues for doing that sort of thing, using school property isn’t one of them. However, I don’t believe they were intentionally trying to do anything wrong here.

  • jamison-jones

    It is permisible to pray anywhere anytime I choose as long as my prayer doesn’t interrupt or interfere with other people’s business, which mostly has to be silent. Now this is America, a country with so many sensitivities. Of course, someone from another faith always is going to be ‘offended’ once it crosses their ears! if i’m christian, i don’t want to hear anything about Allah, Buddha, Jewish or anytthing

  • Josh Crowe

    I can’t get my children’s busdriver fired, for multiple wrecks, insulting, rude behavior towards my children, driving away from the bus stop while they are trying to get on (and once while trying to get off), and I’m pretty sure she is usually drinking on the job, but these guys get written up for trying to comfort a grieving mother. I’m not a Christian myself, but leave them alone! Who did they harm?

  • jamison-jones

    see thats the problem! “YOU” as an individual can’t get the bus driver fired because you can’t prove she’s commited any of the alleged offenses. Its your word vs her actions. Why don’t you tell it to the police? Fella, in these matters its not so much what you say but what you can prove. Your issue has no bearing on this subject because, its prayer on private or public property thats at issue. Again, you have a right to exercise your religious rights in a manner that doesnot offend others. if you pray on private property, you are free to do as you wish, on public property, well the story is a little different. There are so many players on the field.

  • jamison-jones

    I’m a christian and i proclaim in the loudest voice my vocals can spew that Jesus Christ is my Lord and S avior but i’m not going to disrespect anybody’s faith by imposing my beliefs in any way, form or shape. Faith is a personal matter, at least as far i’m concerned.

  • lukebandit

    I would get her fired today. Follow her with a video camera and document her driving habits. Get a petition from the parents, show up in numbers and present your case to the School Board. have the tv stations there OR give your findings to the TV stations and they will show up with cameras in their faces and ask them the tough questions. They will eventually get tired of it and fire her. Ask them to give her a breathalyzer test before she drives and after. It will be too late when she hurts or kills a child. I will pray for your situation.

  • jamison-jones

    It takes a SPECIAL kind of person to actually follow through with this kind of vigilantism. You know, the unemployed, nosy, bored, probably on some prescription meds and stuff individual. Why don’t you just move your kid away from that school and let everyone live in ‘peace’? You are just into your kids alittle too much for your own good. How come other parents haven’t complained? Hope we don’t ever see your azzz on tv for defiling your kids or other kids for that matter. Get a job.

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