Police Announce Safety Checkpoints in Huntsville, Madison

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HUNTSVILLE & MADISON, Ala. (WHNT) – Local police will man safety checkpoints through January 1 to encourage people not to drink and drive.

In Madison, police will have extra roving patrols and plan to have established checkpoints at Hughes Road at Will Halsey Way and Gillespie Road at Wall Triana Highway.  These checkpoints will begin Tuesday, December 31 at 10:00 p.m.

In Huntsville, police will operate random checkpoints and will also specifically target certain locations that are identified as ‘Hot Spots’ due to high crashes and DUI-related involvements.  If you approach a safety checkpoint, drivers will be asked to provide a current driver’s license, proof of insurance, and vehicle registration.  Make sure you’re also wearing your seat belt.

Potential locations for these holiday checkpoints through New Year’s Eve will be:

-Memorial Parkway and University Drive
-Drake Avenue and Patton Road
-University Drive and Sparkman Drive
-Andrew Jackson Way and Oakwood Avenue
-Holmes Avenue and Jordan Lane
-Airport Road and Whitesburg Drive

If you’re planning to go out this evening, please appoint a responsible designated driver beforehand.


  • jamison-jones

    Look, why don’t huntsville police department have the new year dedicated to them? people are trying to have fun here. so you are allover the place, folks are terrrified to get ouutta of their houses cuz huntsville poilce are all over the place..come on. even New York doesn’t have it that bad. CHILL OUT Give the taxpayers a break.. stay on sidelines for a minute.

  • jamison-jones

    Get HPD to fill up all the bars and spots in town. Ridiculous. Hell you might as well call a curfew on all ctitizens till 6pm.

  • Conservative White Man

    Looks like jamison jones will be drinking and driving tonight. I am staying in to avoid people like him. And the police aren’t setting up checkpoints to reach a quota. They’re setting checkpoints up to prevent fatalities, and to prevent the drunks from killing each other and yourself.

  • cwm1958

    You’ve got that wrong. The drunks very seldom ever die in the wrecks they cause. Usually they kill the innocent people that are obeying the laws, and live another day to kill others as they continue to drink and drive,

  • Mandy Bear

    Not everybody that drink get drunk!!!! But some of these comments are ridiculous!!!! Roadblocks are set up keep people alive. And if you choose to be that reckless and get drunk and drive you deserve to be locked up!!!!!

  • Michael

    It’s been proven that police make far more arrests for DUIs while patrolling major roadways and catching people in the act than at checkpoints. I want drunk drivers off the roads as much as the next person, so why not do it in the best way? Seems it would be the most efficient and easiest on the taxpayers.

    That doesn’t even touch the debate of whether police are stopping people without cause or not. 12 states have banned checkpoints for that very reason.

  • valerie

    Drinking and driving is dumb no matter how much you have had. Guess ppl who do drink and drive don’t seem to realize how they might react if they were the reason for an accident or if one of their loved ones were hit by someone who made that choice

  • jamison-jones

    I know this one officer who always pulls over black men riding with white girls. Need i mention his name? cuz i know his name. Whats his beef? interracial couple?

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