STAR ID Required For Domestic Air Travelers By December 2014

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – By the end of 2014, federal security authorities like the TSA at airports or guards at federally secured buildings will look for a new type of identification.  It’s a driver’s license called the STAR ID and most of you are going to need one.

STAR stands for “Secure, Trusted, And Reliable.”  According to the Alabama Department of Public Safety’s web site, it’s part of a nationwide effort to improve the integrity and security of state-issued driver licenses and identification cards, which, in turn, will help fight terrorism and reduce fraud.  It came as a result of Congress passing the REAL-ID Act of 2005.

To fly in the domestic U.S. you must have either a STAR ID or a government-issued passport as of December 1, 2014.  This is for anyone born after December 1, 1964.  People born before that date will have until December 1, 2017 to secure their new STAR I.D.

How do you get a STAR ID?  Even though it will replace your driver’s license once you get one, it’s not as simple as renewing it at your county courthouse.  It’s a brand new license, so you’ll have to visit the driver’s license office in your county.  In Huntsville, it’s at the Alabama Department of Public Safety, located at 1115-A Church Street, Huntsville AL 35801.  Check this list for office locations in each Alabama county.

To obtain a new STAR license, you must present the following forms:

ONE of the following, to verify identity and date of birth:

-Valid, unexpired U.S. passport
-Original or certified copy of birth certificate
-Consular Report of Birth Abroad
-Certificate of Naturalization issued by Department of Homeland Security
-Certificate of Citizenship issued by DHS

For cases where the current name and the name on the primary identity document are different, you should also bring:
-Court ordered name change document
-Marriage certificate, issued by the courts and/or
-Divorce decree, issued by the courts

For Non-Citizens:
-Valid, unexpired Permanent Resident Card – I-551 for Lawful Permanent Residents
-Valid Passport for non-immigrants except for asylum applicants and refugees
-Other government issued document showing your full name
-Department of Homeland Security document showing proof of lawful presence
-If your name has changed by marriage/divorce, you must have your name changed on your Citizen and Immigration Services (CIS) documents.

Both Citizens and Non-Citizens will need to bring:
-Your Social Security Card or proof of your Social Security Number
-Two documents that show your principal residence

See this document list for more detailed information.

The cost of the STAR ID is $23.50, the same current price as a license renewal.  Once you get the STAR ID, it will replace your driver’s license.

What’s the goal of the STAR ID?

The new identification is intended to improve security in airports and other federally secured locations.

“When you board an airplane, you can know that everybody is on that plane that should be on that plane, or if you’re entering a federal building you can know that everybody’s there that should be there,” said Alabama State Trooper Curtis Summerville.

The Alabama Department of Public Safety admits they’ve still got work to do making sure everyone who wants the ID gets one.

“We’re going to work on that certainly from our standpoint to make sure people know that you can get that STAR ID,” said Trooper Summerville.

If you don’t have the STAR ID and you miss the December 1, 2014 deadline, you can bring all the documentation with you to the airport.  However, the STAR ID will make things easier for you, Trooper Summerville said.


  • Christine

    This is ridiculous.. Yes it may make flying safer… BUT I just renewed my licenses a couple of weeks ago, why couldn’t they have said something to us then?? Why couldn’t they have done it then??? Now I must go through all this all over again, and PAY again??? This is frustrating…

    • JC

      This is FACIAL RECOGNITION don’t be fooled.they will know where you are at all times. Dont get it. Of-course they don’t tell us either. you will be put in the system with the rest of the sheep and your face will be mapped out.Why do you think the cameras are there now…They will be able to identify you very fast.Do you want that ??? this the future this is part of the New world Order that there wanting ..ANd they are right …..WE ARE FUCKING STUPID…we fall for everything..and everything they say….oh the government is gonna protect us…Gez people the government is not GOD…..And if there taking our guns away ..they surely are not looking in our best interest

    • hall

      That is a separate id that you can get at the same time if you wish. Doesn’t cost any more either. I didn’t get it as it will identify you as a potential PTSD hazard.

  • Michele

    I agree with Christine, I too just renewed my license in Oct. This is something that we should have been informed about when our license came up for renewal that would have taken us past the 2014 deadline. You know like: this renewal will take you past the 2014 deadline, would you like to get the “star id” license instead? Will we have to pay a second renewal to get this license?

  • chris

    Don’t think for one second that this will eliminate any of the security procedures at the airport. It won’t speed anything up, either. Rather, it will take longer now because there will be folks trying to fly that don’t know anything about this new license, and you’ll have to wait while they try to argue with security about it.

    I’m fairly sure that it was known that this would make things no safer when it was passed in 2005. If it was going to make us safer, why wait 9 years before beginning to implement it? And I say “begin to implement” because it will be an additional 3 years before everyone is held to the requirement.

    Just another tax in disguise, and another governmental hoop for us to have to jump through.

  • Steve Harris

    It’s pretty lame and a big waste of time that they make you go to Arcadia Circle just to the the star on your license. I am sure they could expedite things and make this much more hassle free by folding the process over at the courthouse.

    I understand that the processes in place and the amount of folks that are seen at Arcadia Circle are pathetically slow and for one that has an actual job cannot take hours & hours off of work to do something that normally would take mere minutes at the courthouse!

  • trebor

    What a crock. Just another way the Government has to harass their citizens. One day we may get fed up enough to clean up Washington of the free loading politician’s

  • Craig

    Count me as one of those that just recently got his license renewed this past October. I had to go through some extra steps by having to go to the license examiners’ office at the county Courthouse to show my DD-214 to ALDoPS Troopers, instead of being able to do it at license commissioner’s office, just to get the Veteran status put on my license. Now you are telling me that I have to do even more within a year just to make it easier for me to fly inside the United States? They have known about this since 2005 and nobody thought to tell me about it when I was there this past October? Why has the government not made this the focus of a public information campaign since it is so important? I guess it would make too much sense to not wait until the last minute. Obamacare has started off so well, I bet this is going to be a piece of cake, right?

  • Speed Racer

    I love having to have a “passport” to fly domestic now. One of these days the leading Ahole or Aholes will remeber who put them there.

    I agree with everyone else. Do you really thing for a second that a star will change the world for air travel?

  • andrea

    This is crap u shouldn’t have to have either to fly anywhere in the u.s.
    Why should we the citizens have to go through this

  • Nathan Ball

    Our current ID’s will be accepted according to the REAL ID Act if it was issued PRIOR to December 1, 2014 and so long as we get the gold star before 2017. The checks at airports don’t go into full force until 2017. The AFTER December 1, 2014 is regarding opt-out and new issuance/renewals. So if you renew your license after December 1, 2014 and opt not to go GOLD STAR compliant, a note stating “Not for Federal Identification” will be placed on your ID resulting in needing a passport or further identification to enter federal jurisdictions. Leave it to Alabama to be vague in explaining full details about the program and causing panic.

    • rick

      The “star” id’s will have a tracking chip(rfid) in them to be REAL ID ACT compliant. also the passports will/do.

      • JC

        Its facial recognition…..they track you from cameras through the computer as well as satellite.No device is in the real id as rfid but its just as bad and just as powerful…enough that you actually in the future will be able to buy with just your face..but you get a number as the system….They track through facial recognition…obamacare has the rfid….though … really dont need your real id card as the police just take a picture of you and goes through the system and wala…they know who you are within seconds..through facial recognition. pretty soon you wont have to carry your id b/c the rest of society will catch up to this…stores resturants schools and hospitals wont be even aloud in a hospital without being in the system ……eventually….

  • karla

    I agree it sounds like someone on a committee got bored and thought up new ideas ad now guess what more hassle for us….:)

  • David Coleman

    Put a “Star” on your license . . . When everyone is “special”, then noone is “special.”
    How is this really going to make us safe?
    This is symbolism over substanance.

  • Carl Yancey

    So what about Military members currently stationed in the Pacific? I’m stationed in Okinawa Japan. So if I want to come home on leave after my next duty station changes in July and get through the airport “quickly” I’d need this star ID. However, I can’t just get it by renewing my license online?

    This serves as a bit of a problem, seeing as my license expires in 20 days, and in Okinawa Japan I can’t drive ANYTHING, including our Military Tactical Vehicles which I am needed for alot.

    • JC

      There doing this all around the world …go look up on youtube the comercials in africa/china ect. on getting your national id card…these laws are national not just for this country.they making some around the world law for everything.

    • JC

      you really sound retarded …its facial recognition moron they just dont tell you because they know you wont do it.the star represents trusted.they can tract trough Facial recognition

      • lucky123

        Do we blame this on Republicans? Of course. Do we blame this on Democrats? You are damn right we do considering they have allowed it to continue for the last 6 years. No matter which political side you pick today Skillpot, you are picking a corrupt, corporate controlled, money sucking, freedom eating diseased entity. Quit playing the my daddy can beat up your daddy crap and focus on the problem…government is out of control and destroying the foundation of our country bit by bit while we fight about elephants and donkeys.

  • Wimpie

    There are 15 states that have LAWS PROHIBITING them from implementing Real-ID. We’ll see how this plays out on you poor residents of Alabama how have to go through all this sh$t for no good reason.

  • Old Uncle Dave

    It’s not about safety it’s about control. Today it’s special ID cards, tomorrow it’s microchip implants.

  • Pat H

    Do they think that this will stop the terroists? They have gotten away with a lot more that we can imagine. I wish we could all go to Washington and tell them what we think of the job they are doing. They suck big time. I don’t go by airplane so why do I need the star?

  • Larry

    It’s really not a big deal and only took 30 minutes. Social security card, electric or phone bill to prove residence. The take you in groups of 10 or so and there were at least 6 officers working the stations.

  • Sue Wilson

    For all of you who are complaining… Why are you flying anyway? Aren’t you upset that your 4th amendment rights are violated every time you go through the naked body scanner or get groped? It’s because of you lemmings and sheep that we have to endure this. When is enough going to be enough? You want to stop this? Don’t fly! Simple as that. Boycott flying.. Hit them in the pocketbook and refuse to fly! Yeah, I want to fly to the Bahamas too, but freedom requires sacrifice! How many are you willing to do that?

    • JC

      because were spoiled and selfish…..and thats just how AMERICA IS…thay just dont care….and the bankers know it.theres not enough of us that really care.Yes i am pissed about this and other stuff.These laws are nwo laws

  • Bill Strickland

    how about we tattoo all illegals across their forehead so its always with them and easy to see for them to have access to stores, restaurants, airlines, homes, driver license, fishing license and all other things.

  • Rachel

    The government had to have all this information to issue our original licenses and passports, anyway. Sounds like the system is just getting a much needed update up. No reason to get flustered.

  • Audrey Thompson

    Now, the Star-Bell Sneetches had bellies with stars.
    The Plain-Belly Sneetches had none upon thars.
    Those stars weren’t so big. They were really so small.
    You might think such a thing wouldn’t matter at all.

  • Anna

    Most states provide for online drivers license renewal. How do they manage this transition? And why don’t we have an online option?

  • Nathan Smith

    The Nazi’s did this to Jews in the 1930s. This is about border control for citizens. The military has troops sign documents that they will fire on American citizens. Obamacare controls your taxes, bank accounts, and health. The calendar shouldn’t be 2014, it should be 1984.
    Folks, we need to stop this. It’s already gone too far.

  • Skillpot

    I only plan to ‘fly’ in the Rapture of the Church, so, do I still need a StarID, or just keep my regular drivers license?

  • Skillpot

    It will cost me money, to get a birth certificate! What is wrong with me presenting what I already have? I have a DL, SS Card, Utility Bill, so, why do I need more?

    Dang, I hate to blame it on the Republicans, but they were in control! Were the Republicans in control in Alabama in year 2005?

  • Russell Creel

    This is another load of political BS! Have the DHS and other branches of authority forgotten about “forgery”. They’re pretty stupid if they think this false sense of security is going to mage that go away.

  • Branko Pezdi

    The USSR had the same kinds of travel restrictions for domestic travel. This is yet another indicator that in the USA the Constitution is dead and the government is now Big Brother.

  • l2a3

    …”You have to have a Certificate of Naturalization issued by Department of Homeland Security or a Certificate of Citizenship issued by DHS”.

    Does anyone understand that DHS DID NOT EXIST until 1991? So all you born out of country you just won’t be able to fly. Including our President and some members of congress can’t fly unless they get one of these “star” cards. Oh what glorious fun this will be. STUPID is as STUPID does.

    Coming soon to a roadway near you!

    I just can’t wait until we have to produce Identification papers upon demand otherwise we get arrested and taken to DHS as terriorist.

    And FYI

    Ausweis schnell!!

  • Terry

    TSA seems to do fine looking at my current Texas license or passport using a UV light to validate its authenticity. What is the real purpose of this? Will I need papers to travel from state to state? Welcome to the Obama, Pelosi, Democrat future my fellow serfs and slaves. Just posting this is going to get my name on a DHS list.

  • BamaDan (@BamaDan73)

    If I never plan on getting on a plane, I don’t need this do I? I guess they change the law next for anybody that drives? Not everybody drives either. I guess the last option is you need one if you’re alive. Everybody is alive. If you’re not you don’t have to worry about a new ID.

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