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Smart Phone Apps to Make Saving and Tracking Money fun in 2014

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It's time to start thinking about money-saving changes in the new year and WHNT NEWS 19 took action to help make it easy and fun.

The tricks are as close as your smart phone.

Companies that track financial security call this generation of people "generation procrastination".  They say, generally speaking, people are getting way behind on savings. compiled a list of apps designed to help you track your dollars and tighten your financial belt.  WHNT NEWS 19 picked out a few that we really like.

Billguard helps you protect against so-called grey charges.  Those are hidden fees, billing errors, scams and credit card fraud.  You can flag these charges to your accounts and then Billguard alerts you when a user has flagged a similar charge in your account.

The app also functions as a dashboard where you can track your spending patterns.

SavedPlus helps you save money every time you spend.  You connect your accounts and choose the percentage of every purchase you'd like to save.  Then, every time you buy something, a dollar amount will be transferred to your savings account.  For example, if you set it at 10% and buy something that costs $75, the app transfers $7.50 into your savings account.

Red Laser is a barcode-scanning app for price comparisons.
You simply scan a product to find out what it costs at nearby retailers.  You can also buy items directly from the app and pick them up in-store.

And change your shopping habits in 2014 with Shopkick.

You earn points, or kicks, just by walking into stores like Target and Best Buy, and even more when you scan and purchase something.  The points are redeemable for gift cards and merchandise.  The app also shows you discounts and deals you might like.

All of those apps are free to download on Android and Apple devices.