WHNT News 19 Ownership Change: Station Now Part of Nation’s Largest Broadcast Group

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CHICAGO (WHNT) –  WHNT News 19 is now part of the Tribune Company.  Tribune announced Friday morning that it has completed the final steps necessary to close its acquisition of Local TV Holdings, LLC.  The transaction creates the largest combined independent broadcast group and content creator in the country.

“This is a historic day for Tribune and Local TV,” said Peter Liguori, Tribune’s President and Chief Executive Officer. “Combining these two great media companies will deliver tremendous benefits for our viewers, advertisers, and most important, the communities we serve.  This is a transformational acquisition for Tribune, providing us with significant scale to drive our business objectives and create substantial shareholder value.”

“We are excited to be part of the great Tribune family of stations,” said Stan Pylant, President and General Manager of WHNT News 19.   “For 50 years, Tennessee Valley viewers have counted on us to provide the best local news, weather and sports coverage.  That tradition of broadcast excellence and community commitment will continue and thrive under Tribune ownership.”

As a result of this acquisition, Tribune now owns 39 television stations across the country including WHNT News 19.  The combined broadcast portfolios include 5 CBS affiliates, 3 ABC affiliates, 2 NBC affiliates, 14 FOX affiliates and 14 CW affiliates.

Tribune owns 14 stations in top-20 markets and the company is now the #1 FOX affiliate group and the #1 CW affiliate group in the country. The transaction added market-leading stations in prime cities such as Denver, Cleveland, St. Louis, Kansas City, Salt Lake City and Milwaukee to the Tribune lineup.


  • paul

    Would be nice to fo back to independant news stations. its all corporate now; Network news and CNN and then theres Fox or Fixed news.

  • Brian Stephens

    Fixed news. Hilarious. ABC/NBC/CBS/CNN/PMSNBC are all part of the DNC. One network refuses to regurgitate DNC talking points and you little whiny hippies complain. Just hilarious.

  • preacher

    don’t forget MS(LSD), or Msnbc. Or, CNN(communist news network) And the New York (slimes)times. Cnn is also (Clinton News Network). I could go on and on… Amen…..

  • Baby_Doll

    WHNT is a great place to see the news they have been a great place to get good news they have a great team and always on time they are very sweet people I have watch them for news for years just want to say great job 19 keep up the good work God bless all of you.

  • jason

    You guys forget. WHNT in the past was own by the New York Times.
    In 1980, Grisham sold WHNT to The New York Times Company, which operated it for over a quarter century. In September 2006, The New York Times announced that the company would put its entire broadcast group up for sale with eight other stations affected in addition to WHNT.

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