Photo of Baby Holding Pistol and Surrounded by Guns Sparks Controversy

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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) – A photo taken of a newborn baby surrounded by firearms is causing quite a stir online.

The photo shows a baby wearing a University of Alabama outifit holding a pistol while surrounded by seven other guns.

What do you think about this photo? Is it tacky or just harmless fun?

Leave your thoughts in the comments below.


    • Pete

      LOL… wow did you really just say that? LOL

      Maybe if it was a crack pipe or pictures of Obama surrounding the child.. which he could make a decision to be a fan of a crack head president or freedom when he got older.

      See anyone can make stupid statements that make no sense too.

  • Sarah

    RTR! there is nothing wrong with the picture, not a picture I would take, but it is what it is, there is nothing unsafe, Go for it, Better than laying him or her in a bed of flowers and getting stung by a bee.

      • Jaded_Gal05


        Okay, so this ISN’T a photo I would take, but it’s not like it’s hurting anyone. In response to your comment, I think the bees would be more dangerous (especially since we don’t know if that babe is allergic) simply because of a few facts:

        1) That’s a tiny baby, it wouldn’t have the strength in its hands to hold up the gun, much less be able to pull the trigger.

        2) All evidence shown in the picture points to the fact that this child is ASLEEP.

        3) That gun isn’t loaded, it couldn’t be. See how small the baby is? The gun would’ve been too heavy, with a loaded clip, to lay on top of a sleeping (very peacefully I might add) baby.

        I’m more offended by the Alabama sleep sack the child has on! What’s this world coming to when we allow parents to willfully disregard a child’s personal tastes & dress them in any old thing?!?!? Those parents need counseling! Alabama garb! At such a tender, innocent age!!! What were they thinking?!?!?!?

        See how ridiculous that last paragraph was??? Some might think the same of people slamming the photo of the child amidst an arsenal. Poor taste? Maybe. But…not OUR call, not our kid.

        I don’t think anyone should set out to try & offend people, but I also don’t think people should get so “up in arms” over a picture. It’s not your business. People become offended so easily these days & make a big scene over just about anything. Ever thought about if you see something offensive to stop looking at, reading about, watching whatever about said item?

        Easiest way to make all if us happy…

  • Deedra

    It’s probably a family of hunters and that kid will probably take down a buck before he’s 5. This photo is not near as disturbing as the one with the lady holding a gun to a baby’s head that I saw a month or so ago

  • Jan Johnson

    What is wrong with it? The baby is obviously too little to pull a trigger.. if this is how the parents wants to photograph their child.. get over it!!

  • Kim

    How sad. And we wonder why the people from other states talk about us. This parent should be ashamed of themselves.

  • vanesa randall

    An innocent, sweet child of any age should not be surrounded by guns. Must have very young parents. I just think it is sad.

    • Jessica

      I don’t understand how u say the baby must have young parents. That’s probably the most ridiculous thing I’ve heard. How does this picture even apply that?? I don’t even have children myself and I’m 23 but I do know many young parents that do work very hard and take very good care of their child. Back to topic, there is absolutely nothing wrong with this picture. I’m sure none of the guns were loaded and probably still had the safety on! I just don’t see where it’s anyone’s business anyway? If the child was 2 or 3 and was running around playing with the guns I’d understand. This whole situation is just a way to put down guns, and people who use them. It’s absolutely ridiculous!

      • Jimmy Albritton

        Thank you so much for saying young parents work there butts off. I’m a 22 year old dad of a wonderful 15 month old baby girl, I really appreciate your belief in young parents. May God bless you.

      • Wake Up

        Being sure means you hope they were unloaded and on safety! You have no way of knowing for sure unless it is a picture of your kid!

      • the outlaw

        you spam every topic whnt puts up. you obviously have no life, which goes hand in hand with your lack of competence.

  • Rachael

    I don’t get it! I am not upset by it…. I just think it’s stupid and I am not sure what it’s supposed to mean!

    • Corey

      The blanket says “Remington” which is probably the baby’s name. If it is I’m sure all those guns are Remingtons. Only thing I can think of.

  • michelle Hogan

    We do still live in a free country (for now) It is the parents choice. No harm no foul. That baby looks warm and well fed look for abuse somewhere else

  • Rebecca DeArmond

    Stupid, disrespective, insensitive … Did they even think about all the parents who have lost children in all the school shootings? I believe in gun control, grew up with guns in the house but my Dad would never have flaunted his guns to show he was macho!

    • Tim Eugene Newman

      Maybe they are saying that instead of trying to protect this child with a Gun Free Zone, they will protect them with the only thing that has been PROVEN to stop bad guys with guns–a GOOD guy with a gun. You go ahead and try to save the children by putting them in places that disarm the Law Abiding Citizens. I’ll protect my own with my legally-carried firearm. Signs don’t stop crazy. You’d think enough of these shootings in places with a “No Gun” sign would prove it to you that they don’t work. Why not try something different, like removing the restrictions on legally-carried firearms.

    • Maria Bonita

      Really? You think parents that have lost there children to school shootings will be offended by a pic of an under school age child surrounded by firearms? You are obviously one of the close minded people that are taking our freedoms away one bicker session at a time. It’s their child, their guns, their choice. Everyone needs to mind their own business and leave healthy well taken care of families alone and start focusing on the crackheads and whores that are raising children on the streets teaching them to be just as worthless as they are…. Grow up.

      • Joni

        The second you post it to social media, you have made it everyone’s business, so you best be prepared for the backlash. I know someone who loves guns too, they named their son Ruger. They didn’t surround him by Rugers and take pictures. They have more sense than that !

  • Z-Gloria Greene

    It is stupid and shows why Alabama continues to be viewed as a redneck state with minimum education. WTG Alabama, keep proving to the world how ignorant some of your citizens are. SMH.

  • Cyndy Smith

    My gosh! People get way too upset over things. This is simply a baby pictured with her parents favorite things! Do we get upset when parents make their baby’s picture holding a football?
    For those complaining I say “grow up and get over it”

  • Elinda Hicks

    It is very disrespectful to the baby, the University of Alabama and the makers of the firearms that are around the child.Unmoral for anyone to pose a picture like this.What is the purpose? I can’t think of a good reason. The only thing i assume is the person needs a mental evaluation.

  • Robbie Thomas

    It is sickening.The child will probably be made to murder animals,whether he wants to or not from the time he is old enough to hold a gun in his hands. When his mental state deteriorates from all the desentizing or animal murdering he will wind up killing a bunch of people for no reason. Scary thought.

    • Cricket Weeta B Wood (@Belhaven52)

      Get over it! Parents spend the first 15 years of a child’s life imposing their values on the child. It’s called parenting! This is just a photo, not necessarily showing a way of life. Photographers took pics of my kids wearing pearls when they were 6mo. As adults they still don’t wear pearls. It’s just a photo! ! ! !

  • Zachary

    Haha this great all you whinny liberals are all upset over this. It’s a free country you don’t like it move somewhere that likes your dumbasses cause America doesn’t

  • JB

    WHAT?! How dare they! This will teach that child it’s okay to own a gun! That it’s okay to shoot one! It’s teaching anyone that looks that all of these things are okay? OMG what if that baby were to shoot someone because of this?! They should now make taking pictures of guns against the law! Oh. The nerve of some people. <<<<< Sorry. I had a sarcasm.

  • Mary

    I think it is the lowest form of child abuse! Putting your helpless baby in that crimson and white. Never do that to anyone, much less a baby! It ought to be navy and burnt orange. War Eagle!

  • joyce

    People in this state who espouse religion but love their guns. They say they are pro life but have no problem putting an instrument of death in their children’s innocent hands. I suppose I’m missing something, but I font get it. This obsession with guns.

  • Troy

    Only thing missing to make this picture perfect would be a King James Bible. Gun, guts and Glory is what this Country was founded on. Bible believing, Gun toting, Registered Voter from the south

  • chella

    Ok notice the name on the blanket??? Its remington all the guns r remington its the same as naming ur child rose and placing roses around her for a photo… wow you people r ignorant

  • preacher

    these irresponsible parents will answer to God one day. It’s not a matter of IF, But when.They will be held accountable for how they raised their children. Some people should Not be allowed to have children if they refuse to raise them in “the Fear and Admonition of The Lord”! Babies and Guns don’t belong together! Amen…

  • Jeni Heard Nordstrom

    I’m no weapons expert but are they all Remingtons? I noticed the embroidered name on the camo blanket. Maybe they named the baby Remington, because of his father’s love for that brand of firearm: hence the picture.

  • Melvinie "Mel" Borden

    It’s not only tacky, it’s also harmful. DHR needs to step in. The parents & anyone else responsible for this should go to jail for a very long time.

  • Robert Smith

    Is it tacky? Absolutely. Is it dangerous? It depends on the parents. It’s about add damaging as taking an infants photo in a pool. Both items have the potential for irreparable harm if not controlled carefully.

    Personally, I’d never allow that image to become public, because if the stigma attached in the articles and responses found here.

    That said, even money that kid becomes one of the safest people around firearms, because they will be taught to respect the utility and power of firearms.

    • Wake Up

      Robert, that is crazy! The dude that shot the kids in Connecticut was raised in a house with guns. The Jonesboro, Arkansas, school shooting was done by two kids that were competitive shooters and completed every NRA gun training available. All that made them was more proficient (read, more deadly) shooters! There are many other shootings committed by people raised in gun loving families!

      Robert, don’t place that bet — you will lose!!!

      • walter wilkey

        wake up di you notice the shooters did not shoot anyone who could shoot back. they went where no guns were allowed.if teachers were armed the idiots would take a chance of being shot.

      • Wake Up

        Walter, are you advocating that grade schoolers be allowed to carry guns for their own protection? The schools did have armed resource officers.

  • Derek

    Why doesn’t everyone worry about raising their own kids instead of worry about parents who are obviously responsible in gun safety! This kid isn’t in any way shape or form in any danger. And I would bet money that little baby will be grown to respect guns…. Not fear them like some people on this page!! And it’s funny some of the liberal comments on this page…. “Oh poor baby…… That baby is in danger”…. Blah blah blah!! But believe in abortion!!

  • Donald everson

    This is wrong that’s y people are killed by guns.course everyone thinks its a joke.and what if one of those guns were loloaded that pour baby could have got hurt

  • Klieta Bagwell

    It’s a photo of guns and a baby. What you see is in your mind. If you see harm or shame, then maybe you need to look harder. It’s not Offensive to me; it’s just not something I would do and the photo is not well setup or well taken. People everywhere are upset over everything, they are scared and unsure. Photos like this, make them think, and right now people are not thinking very well.

  • Elton Camp

    As the Twig Is Bent

    By Elton Camp

    This horrible picture surely brings to mind
    “As the twig is bent, so the tree’s inclined”

    This picture came from the TV station WHNT
    I don’t know its origin or what its intent may be

    Please post your comments they invite
    Is this okay or is it a disgusting sight?

    To our state it is another stunning blow
    Look at the University of Alabama logo

    Reinforcing stereotypes, progress chokes
    “A state filled with violent, ignorant folks”

    But no matter what some people say
    All us in Alabama aren’t really that way

    For anyone, a picture like this to take
    In my view is a horrendous mistake

    Yet, the parents I admonish, not deride
    Let the kid grow up and then decide

  • cheryl

    what is wrong with the parents. that shows what kind of parents this poor baby ha. this is wrong & if they think its cut, well its not its crazy & wrong.

  • Morgan

    Ok I am a teenage girl and have been raised around guns my entire life. Those parents had to have unloaded the guns before they did that. And if that child is raised around guns then he can decide whether or not to like them once he grows up. But I know from experience that growing up around guns has made me more cautious and experienced. If you say that DHR needs to get involved then you might as well get DHR involved with just about every kid in the south.

  • DEE


    • Wake Up

      Dee, that is an excellent point!!! I wish I had thought of that angle. There is NO doubt that if the race were different this discussion board would be fired up with hate!

      • Wake Up

        Rev al (A.K.A Bob, preacher, Sal Alinsky, Al Gore Sr, and others), it was not me. You need to read the posts better!! You are losing your touch as a supper troll!

  • John Doe

    I see no harm in it (as long as the guns were unloaded). The people in this comment section that have the biggest problem with the baby & guns are probably the same bunch of liberals that believe in killing unborn babies. Their opinions mean nothing to me.

  • Jona

    Not a good choice. If I am not mistaken guns are heavy and I would not lay one on my baby like that. What point are they trying to make because it really doesn’t make sense to me?

  • L

    pictures like this get DHR called on parents for putting their children in harms way, hopefully something can be done to insure the childs safety, since the parents don’t care! It shows how some people do not need to be parents, since they only care about guns and not the safety of their child! If you only care about your stupid football team and your guns why did you have a baby…. how ignorant!

  • Rave on beetches!

    Those of you who are constantly harping on the guns and danger angle are hilarious, quite honestly.
    Definitely driving home the “Ignorance is Bliss” campaign.
    It’s just a picture. Get over it. Go find an abortion clinic to espouse your logic in front of. Better yet – use those negative energies to fight injustice in Washington. Obviously you feel the need to tell someone what to do and that’s the perfect place to start.
    Naysayers, begone!

  • Rachel

    Ok so personally I think its harmless but not well thought out. It was a picture the parents wanted to take the baby itself doesn’t look like its in danger at all. We own guns, my oldest son (5yrs old) got his first gun just this year for his birthday. I was always told it’s not the gun that kills people its the person shooting it.

  • hwhiston30

    Oh geez people… Get over it! This is totally something my husband would do if would let him! I never would because it’s completely tacky! I’m not a huge fan of guns or Alabama for that matter (WDE) but even so I’m sure the guns aren’t loaded just like the ones in my house aren’t… Just kind of looks like one of those situations where Dad gets left in charge of the baby! Lol! I think it’s ridiculously funny… Dad’s probably a hunter just like my husband and my 16 year old son…

  • Joan Cummins

    I am a great grandmother and I see nothing wrong with this a little redneckish maybe but not disturbing am a Tide fan usually except when playing Auburn so that is ok too Know the parents will teach this child how to protect and defend and the proper way to use firearms especially if they start them young

  • Sandy Laster

    I understand the picture. It is saying that the baby is well protected by an armed family. Only threatening to anyone who would harm him. Still pretty radical thinking and expression.

  • One Armed Mommy

    What about all the pictures of children walking or sitting on railroad tracks? How many people have gotten ran over by trains? I know of a few in my small town. Sure there have been many more over the years that I am unaware of. How many newborns do you know that have picked up a gun and pulled the trigger???

    • Nunyabiz

      This is a new level of “special kind of stupid”.
      Putting the whole gun issue aside, have any of
      you noticed the handgun laying ON TOP and ACROSS
      of the baby. Consider the weight of the gun, ok. Any
      moron should realize how fragile infants are and that they
      are more susceptible to injuries than the average adult and
      adolescents. If you fail to understand why this picture is disturbing
      on many levels, you should be worried more about your
      IQ than any political debate concerning this picture!

  • Red

    This is a picture taken by a man who sadly, loves his guns as much as he does his own baby. Also, idiotic behavior attracts attention in this country, and we have a lot of people who need ATTENTION.

  • soldier

    so what…people make things a big deal. i’ve seen old pictures taken very long ago with children and guns that could be taken way wrong. its there kid and there guns and at there place so stop trying to strip all our freedoms away. now if the kid was in some sort of danger then yeah sure but this is freedom

  • Diane

    I personally think that it is none of mine nor anybody else’s business!!! The child is not being harmed! Mind your own business!

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