Secret Santa Stories: Surprising People With $100

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(WHNT) - Most of us have heard of are familiar with the concept of "a random act of kindness."  This time of year, those stories are often called "Secret Santa Stories."

A friend of the station - an anonymous friend - gave us $5,000 to give away.  WHNT News 19's Greg Screws got 50 $100 bills and hit the road.  Here's a look at our visit to different parts of the Tennessee Valley.

Morgan County

Our random act of kindness run began in Somerville.  We figured a great spot for the first surprise might be a grocery store parking lot.  Greg ran into a familiar face from his daughter's basketball days.

"Emily doesn't play basketball any more. I miss it," Greg said.

Ron Jones wants to help people at Christmas.

"A lot of people don't realize that we have a lot of people that don't have enough of anything, to eat... power bills... anything," Jones said.

Whether it's karma or fate... "That's for you," we told Ron.

"I got to give this to somebody," he replied.  "I used to be on the Morgan County FACES board and they sponsor kids through the holidays."

Up the road, we ran into Johnny Foster.

"What's your favorite part of Christmas?" we asked him.  "Being with family," he replied.

We gave Johnny $100.  Like Ron Jones, he's going to use it to help people.

"We do motorcycle rides for Toys for Tots and stuff like that," Foster said.  "We have a good group and we do charity events.  That is something else."

WHNT News 19 then went to Quality Discount Drugs in Eva.  It's a small community drug store with a warm vibe.  We found Carol Newman for a Secret Santa surprise.

And like everyone else that day, she had no intention of using the money for herself.  It's going to her church.

"They have adopted some kids from school," said Newman. "So they might do it for that."

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