The Best Christmas Present Ever: Stranger Provides Kidney For Madison Girl

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT)-- Days before Christmas and the Post family from Madison is on the way to the Mayo Clinic so 11-year-old Anna can receive the gift of life, and her dad can provide that same gift to a stranger.

The family was flown on board an Angel Flight, a not-for-profit service that provides free transportation to patients needing emergency care, to Rochester, Minnesota Thursday for the very important procedure.

Anna will receive the gift of life from a stranger and her father will give the same gift to another stranger. (WHNT)

Anna will receive the gift of life from a stranger and her father will give the same gift to another stranger. (WHNT)

Anna's kidneys are failing and she had been on the donor list for months with no luck, but that did not stop this family from praying for a Christmas miracle.

"We got the call there was a match, its amazing," Anna's mom Lisa Post said.

Jeff Post will also be going in for surgery, donating one of his kidney's to a complete stranger who then in turn will have one of their family members give a matching kidney to Anna.

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  • William Watson

    No problem, Anna, from personal experience, the Mayo is the best. Just do what your doctors tell you and you will live a beautiful life, because sometimes God just can’t answer prayers, but sometimes he does, and he did yours. Remember that your whole life. May God bless you and your family.

    • Precious

      William, “Because sometimes God don’t always answers prayers” ?? Correction, God always answers your prayers!!! He may not come when you want him to. But he is always on time!!! Singing to you William, he”s an On Time God, Yes He Is, ooooooo!!! Oh ye , have just the faith of a mustard seed!!! Your faith must be a little weak!! Awesome story this is, right at Xmas!! Someone kept their faith in this family!! Blessings to this child and her family!!

      • lisa post

        Thank you for your time and comment. Dont worry william has faith as only a child can have. His letter to Santa was a request for letters to santa. His response,non swaying to what remained on his mind if he did ask for anything. :) God bless and Merry Christmas.

    • alethea cox

      Iam so happy for her I no first hand on how hard it is to be on the kidney list I have been the list for 6 years I’m so happy she had been blessed I hope one day I will get the same best wishes to her and her family

      • lisa post

        Alethea, thank you. I hope one day very soon you will get your kidney. It s such a difficult thing to be on the list. I pray that this living donor program will grow and will help bring down the waiting list. My husband and anna s donor walked out of the hospital two days later. They are heros to me. Blessings to you and yours, lisa

  • Debbie & Mike Ball

    God is faithful,just as you and your precious family have been in this journey,Anna! So many have prayed for this event to come, and we also pray for your full return to health as well as your sweet Daddy’s! You remain in our hearts,William,Jeff,Anna and most especially precious Lisa…return to the south soon!,,

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