Lauderdale Deputy Cleared in August Shooting

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FLORENCE, Ala. (WHNT) - After four months of investigation and two grand jury presentations, a Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Deputy has been cleared in a shooting that left a man dead.

On August 10th courthouse officials say a deputy responded to a 911 call on County Road 277.

Authorities said when deputies arrived they heard screams and shots being fired from a home.

Investigators said when deputies approached the home, Mitchel Campbell raised a rifle and a deputy shot him three times.

“It is a tragedy for everybody concerned,” explained Chief Deputy Jr. Witt, “including our officers who were involved.”

According to Witt, the sheriff's office immediately placed the deputy on leave until the ABI could investigate the case and a grand jury could review it further.

Courthouse officials said a special prosecutor presented the shooting to two grand jury sessions for review.

This week, the grand jury found no wrong-doing on the deputy's part.

“This is something nobody wanted to do,” stated Witt. “It`s just in the line of duty, sometimes we have to react when somebody acts.”

Chief Deputy Witt said the deputy will start back on patrol in the coming days.

According to courthouse officials, a special prosecutor with the State Attorney General’s Office was used in the case to avoid any perception of favoritism or cover-up in the case.


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