Huntsville Utilities Prepares For Severe Weather

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – The severe weather and heavy winds heading into the Tennessee Valley could put a damper on Christmas parties planned for this weekend.

Huntsville Utilities officials say they have all hands on deck to ensure a rapid response.

As the storm front moves in, Huntsville Utilities Spokesman Bill Yell says they’ve done all they can to prepare for what may come. As always there is a level uncertainty.

“Because of the potential you never know with these types of systems what type of weather they’re going to bring in,” said Yell.

The agency hopes the tree trimming and maintenance they have done year round will help the system withstand the storm.

“We’re going to be prepared to put back up whatever gets knocked down, either by trees or poles coming down.”

The utility company is in constant communication with the National Weather Service, and has survey and repair crews on standby.

While they are doing all they can, he asks customers to bear with them.

“We ask for your patience,” said Yell. “Some things can be fixed real quick, sometimes it takes several hours. We had an outage recently where a tree took down a pole and it took hours to get back on. Or it could be as simple as replacing a fuse.”

If the power does go out in your area, Yell encourages you to report it as soon as possible. Either online (via your mobile phone) or by calling 53-LIGHT (256-535-4448).

When you call the number, it will record the address and dispatch a crew to the neighborhood.

The outage will then show up on Huntsville Utilities’ Outage Map, which shows all reported outages in the area.