Huntsville Rapist ‘Finds’ Jesus, Seeks Probation Relief

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - A man who pleaded guilty to rape wants part of his plea agreement removed. The reason? Anthony Lawrence Ferrari says he's formed a good relationship with Jesus. A judge sentenced Ferrari to 20 years in prison, but suspended 15 of those years. Ferrari served only five.

Ferrari is not upset with how much time he served. He no longer wants to do what he was told to do on probation.

Ferrari feels his relationship formed with God and the knowledge he's gained through counseling, performed on his own, in prison and church changed his life. He no longer wants to do the treatment a judge ordered as part of a plea agreement.

Judge Karen Hall first heard Ferrari's case in 2007. Ferrari faced several sex abuse charges for having sexual intercourse with a teenager. A guilty plea for rape put the 38-year-old, at the time, in prison.

“He took religious classes in prison. He also took classes regarding sex offender`s stuff,” said Attorney John Butler.

Butler did not represent Ferrari during trial. He's helping Ferrari now due to both attending the same church.

Ferrari and his previous lawyer agreed to a five-year prison term, probation and required treatment classes as part of a plea agreement. Ferrari now wants to drop those classes.

“The treatment is necessary. Our office believes the treatment is necessary to protect the children of Madison County,” said Madison County Assistant District Attorney Gabrielle Helix.

Judge Hall heard Ferrari’s reasons.

“He feels like he is cured. I guess that may not be the right term, but he feels like he is better at this point,” added Butler.

Prosecutors told WHNT NEWS 19 Ferrari forced the young girl to have sex 2-3 times a week for at least a year. They want Ferrari to keep seeking professional treatment.

“It was a negotiated plea agreement. We`d like to think, if we negotiated a plea agreement, those conditions will stand,” added Helix.

Judge Hall ordered Ferrari to seek professional treatment instead of the treatment he's been getting on his own.


  • Ronn

    Outrageous!!! It disgusting. his sentenced was reduced in the first place. Perhaps Judge Hall should step down before endangering more innocent lives with her misguided decisions.

  • Bille

    The judicial system is already to light on the “ANIMALS” like him to begin with. If they are given a 20 year sentence they should serve every day of it. Just because he says he found “GOD”. I know of a person that sat on the “AMEN PEW” for years. He was a good church member. During this time he was molesting tow of his own children and two step children. He even sais oh they want believe him he is “retarded”. He was sentenced twenty years and 12 months. He is not even going to serve ten years. I do not understand, how someone like this gets just a slap on the wrist. IT IS NOT FAIR TO THE VICTIMS, OR THE FAMILIES OF THE VICTIMS. THEY SHOULD SPEND THEIR SEENTENCDE IN A COLD, DARK ROOM, NO TV, AND BREAD AND WATER FOR MEALS.

  • Angie

    This is not the first time this manipulative psychopath has “found” religion. He was excommunicated from the Mormon church for his behavior. Found Jesus? Really? This monster used the church to keep his family under his control and actually insisted on performing the baptism of his 13 year old step daughter whom he was raping at the time. He got off light serving 5 years only because the child’s family chose not to traumatize her further by subjecting her to a trial. No amount of treatment is going to “cure” his perversions. Castration would have been more fitting.

  • Sue

    They all find Jesus when it helps their cause. How about if he does not want to do what he is required to ok- no problem. Take his perverted sorry self back to prison and serve all of the 15 yrs. that he should NEVER had gotten taken off! Then kids will be safe from him!!

  • Madison A.

    “He took religious classes in prison. He also took classes regarding sex offender`s stuff,” said Attorney John Butler.“

    Apathetic statement by an impotent media whore hillbilly wannabe attorney.
    No worries readers, the plea agreement will remained unchanged.

  • Madison A

    “He took religious classes in prison. He also took classes regarding sex offender`s stuff,” said Attorney John Butler.

    Apathetic IDIOT impotent wannabe attorney.
    No worries readers, plea agreement will remain unchanged.

  • Madison A

    Apathetically stated by an IDIOT impotent wannabe attorney. The plea agreement will remain unchanged. Butler’s firm is a den of attention seeking media whores.

  • Jerome

    If this guy became a humanist nobody, including humanists would say for him be released from probation. As a Christian he might.

  • Landslug

    Considering the history of Christianity & pedophiles, the fact that he ‘found jesus’ is all the more reason to revoke probation and put him back behind bars

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