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Huntsville City Sales Tax Passes With No Sunset Clause

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - Sales tax increase passes 5-0 with no Sunset Clause Thursday night at the Huntsville City Council Meeting.

The mayor says the tax benefits future road projects in the city.  The sales tax increase was proposed only two weeks ago and, of course, not everyone is one board with the proposal.

Mayor Tommy Battle says it has nothing to do with growing government, and everything to do with ensuring Huntsville citizens maintain their quality of life.

“If your commute takes an hour and a half versus 30 minutes, you get back an hour of your life every day. That's part of quality of life,” said Battle.

Over the past two weeks, Mayor Tommy Battle has sought to convince citizens and even council members that a 1 percent sales tax increase would be the best way to raise the $125 million needed to match state funding for seven state road projects over the next five years.

Projections estimate the increase would bring in around $34 million in extra revenue yearly.

“What it does do is give us a revenue stream for jobs, a revenue stream for roads, and a revenue stream for capital projects," said Battle.


    • Bob

      How is this going to cause Huntsville to lose jobs?
      If anything, it will bring in more jobs as far as the construction of road projects goes.
      If we have a better infrastructure, larger businesses will have more incentive to relocate here in the area.
      Or, are you speaking without the benefit of intellect?

      • Branko Pezdi

        A typically underhanded liberal reply. First off, it is basic economics and simple common sense that increasing the price of a product reduces the demand for it. Since the price increase in this case is an external factor (increased tax) the merchant loses business. Secondly, yours is the typical liberal ploy – similar to the game Obama played with the government “shutdown” – in which you demand revenues from the private sector to fund public projects that everyone agrees are necessary but place them at the bottom of the priority list and insist that other unnecessary and superfluous public projects (such as, for instance, onerous and overly generous public union pensions) be funded first. Many of us (but unfortunately not nearly enough of the sheeple) are aware of your ilk’s political games, which is the reason for the rise of the Tea Party. We may lose the fight against your ilk’s greed for power in the short term but sooner or later your greed and depravity will come back to bite you big time.

    • Bob

      How did he fill their pockets?
      Montgomery is giving us $125m.
      Maybe instead of talking nonsense, you could elaborate more.

  • Darryl

    When does it start so I can get my shopping done now? There is more news than just the story topic. People should start asking questions.

  • Jim M

    If you spent $50,000 in one year you would pay $500.00 extra so its not that much actually. We all benefit from the roads we will get from it..

  • Mike C.

    Guess we the people need to show huntsvilles council that we run the city with our money our taxes our votes .

    Head to Birmingham and shop stand up against this 1 cent very year crap.

  • Branko Pezdi

    Hey WHNT, how about elaborating on the sunset provision and why the sneaky politicians refused to implement it? Wasn’t this sales tax supposed to be SPECIFICALLY to raise $125 million for SPECIFIC road projects over the next 5 years? What will the politicians do with the extra revenues afterward? You’ve already dropped the ball on digging a little deeper into Huntsville’s oh so important higher spending priorities that the city can’t cut one penny from, why are you dropping the ball on this?

    • Madison A

      Why of course they will repeal it after the fifth year .

      Hey, Huntsville Government…Why can’t ya’ll just get along?

      Stop wasting money, overspending and acting foolishly!
      Crony Russell & crew crave more $dope like drug fiends.

    • Bob

      They didn’t refuse to implement it.
      In all actuality, they discussed it at great length last night and voted against it.
      Maybe if you had watched it you would actually know what you are talking about.

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