Autumn Wood Receives 126 Month Prison Sentence – Update

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FLORENCE, Ala. (WHNT) – More than 20-months after the death of a Lauderdale County teen killed at a house party, another teen has been sentenced to prison for her death.

Tears flowed on both sides of Judge Mike Jones’ courtroom Thursday morning for the sentencing of Autumn Wood.

Family and friends of 14-year-old Brooklyn Hollins wore shirts memorializing the teen that lost her life in March of 2012.

“The victim, Brooklyn, had many friends, and you can see that from the people that were in the courtroom today,” explained District Attorney Chris Connolly. “They have all been impacted by it. Our heart goes out to them and this is just a tragedy.”

In front of Judge Jones, the mother of Hollins spoke out to Autumn Wood, blaming her in public for her daughter’s death.

Joni Keeton told Autumn Wood, “I hope you rot in hell.”

And before sitting down Keeton wished Wood a Merry Christmas.

“She lost her 14-year-old daughter, and it certainly continues to take a toll on her. I don’t know if she will ever get over it,” stated Connolly.

After being sentenced to 126-months in prison, Autumn Wood was escorted to the Lauderdale County Detention Center by deputies for processing.

Wood’s family said Autumn wants the Hollins family to eventually forgive her for what happened.

“The family, we are devastated by this. Autumn is truly sorry about what happened,” said John Nicholson, an uncle of Autumn Wood.

According to prosecutors, Wood will be eligible for parole, which will be determined by the state.

Courthouse officials tell WHNT News 19 that Autumn Wood is pregnant and will likely have to have the child while she is behind bars.

No word yet on which prison she will be transferred to.


  • Brian Stephens

    She is not remorseful. Where the hell is the smugness from your booking photo now? To the reporter: She did not tragically lose her life, this human debris took it from her. I too, hope she rots in hell. 10 years? I hope every minute of prison is agonizing for her.

    • ammy

      you have no clue what she is ms hollins should not have been out at that party at that time no 14 year should be out like that

      • Precious

        Still doesn’t mean she deserved yo be murdered because she was out an at the party!! Apparently, you are kin to this animal that murdered this child!!!

  • preacher

    There is only 1 prison for women in alabama. Tutwiler prison in Wetumpka. She’ll be there with the likes of Amy Bishop Anderson. Amen..

    • Precious

      Preacher!! And the Church said ” AMEN” !! I cannot believe her sentence, she deserved many more years. Alabama system is so messed up. If one steals, you get more years, but if you murder, sell drugs you may get 30 years in prison!!! Don’t make sense!! My prayers goes out to the victim’s family. An Autumn, where was your uncle when you decided to have a house party. Parents, why would you leave this creature home alone to go out of town?? Apparently, Autumn was use to this kind of behavior and the parents obviously didn’t care what she did!!! There is a place for devils like you Autumn. Rot my dear!! Hell will be your home!!

  • Amy

    And now this messed up angry teen is PREGNANT?! Dear God how I worry for her child. It’s not even born and doesn’t stand a chance at a normal happy life. So sad.

    • Precious

      Amy, the victim didn’t stand a chance at a normal life either!! No sympathy, Autumn knew what she was facing, so why not use Birth Control???

    • Precious

      I don’t care who had the party and who it was for Amy, it happened at her place of residence!! Learned from the professional, Mr. Mark Mcdaniel sweetie!! What a coincidence this party was pretty planned on a date that her parents went out of town!! Now that had to be inside information, meaning Amy, someone such as ” Autumn the Animal” agreed to have this party at her place dummy!!! Your defense for Autumn, family member right?? Now , you listen to that !! Enough said Amy on my behalf, I hope Autumn ROTS in HELL!!!

  • Opinions!

    She was 17 and from what I understand, they were fighting at a party. Why would she not get manslaughter? Another question, who allows 14 year olds to go to parties and stay out in the wee hours of morning. I’m just saying.

    • Precious

      You couldn’t have had a better username except for ” Stupid Opinion” , fighting or not, Brooklyn didn’t have a weapon, but apparently she was getting the best of Autumn, so Autumn found a weapon!! You people are sick and I do not think Self Defense was the charge here right? Murder!!! Your support for Autumn not needed on here, support her in Montgomery, along with Amy Bishop!!

    • Precious

      One family will suffer for a lifetime without their daughter. This “Autumn the Animal will eventually return to her family, only to have created another Animal to be a mommy to. Noticed I did not say MOTHER!!

  • People are Stupid

    Some of you people are showing pure ignorance. You shouldn’t wish for anyone to rot in hell, especially when the stabbing happened during a fight that this 14 year old was a part of , at 3 AM, at a house party with no parents there, might I add. Maybe they should start looking at her parents instead of blaming everyone else.

    • Precious

      You can’t blame Brooklyn parents!!! Kids spend the night andtell their parents, oh Mom I am spending the night with my friend!! Better than that , the parents also will lie to the other parent helping them to stay over and at the same time knowing they will be out of town!! Autumn parents seem to not care if they left her at home alone at 17. This is what her trailer trash parents were use to doing!! So your username fits You!! You picked a good one that applies to You!!

    • Precious

      The stabbing occurred during a fight that Autumn the Animal realized she couldn’t win. Now let’s see how big, bad and tough she will be in Montgomery!! They will be waiting on her to arrive to the cells where I am hoping she have miserable , sleepless nights as Brooklyn parents will have forever without their precious daughter Enough Said!!!

  • ammy

    parents that don’t want to deal with their children is more worried about partying and other things than their own children

    • Precious

      Your speaking of Autumn because the little creature she will have in Montgomery will have a Murderer as a MOMMY!!

  • Kay

    A few of these comments make me sick! once being young I know for a fact I did sneak around and stay where I wasn’t supposed to! Was it a smart choice, no, but I did it! my heart goes out to Brooklyn’s mother! As for Autumn I have no sympathy for her or anyone else in her family! She made her choice and now she will sit in prison where she belongs!! Autumn’s mother will still be able to see her daughter and talk to her daughter and watch her daughter grow up! As for Brooklyn’s mother that will never happen….ever!! In my opinion autumn got a slap on the wrist! The fear, the pain everything Brooklyn went through that awful night! And honestly some of your comments are suggesting that just because Brooklyn was where she wasn’t supposed to be that she deserves to get stabbed to death. How is that right anyway!?!

    • Precious

      Well said Kay!! As a mother who has lost a child before. I have no sympathy for Autumn or her family!! She committed a crime an took a life of another, I guess they think the LAW doesn’t apply to Autumn?? Praying for the p
      Parents of Brooklyn, but “Autumn the Animal ” was lightly punished for Murder!! This was not a Self Defense case!! Autumn couldn’t get the best of Brooklyn during this fight, so she grabbed a weapon to kill to her while other animals watched and did nothing to help save this young lady life, so SAD!! R.I.P Brooklyn, but JUSTICE was not served!!

  • Keith Hill

    19 years ago, my mother was brutally murdered in the Speake community in Lawrence County by a 13 year old when she would not cash a check for him so he could run away from his father who was physically abusing him. Because of the laws in the state of Alabama at the time he could not be tried as an adult for his crime and was released upon reaching his 20th birthday. Furthermore the state of Alabama offered to send him to school at UNA on the taxpayers’ dollar when he was released with the consent of my father. He has been a free man for over 12 years and continues to live in Lawrence County. At the time (January 1995) you had to be 16 years old to be tried as an adult in Alabama.After my mother’s death we fought in the state house and senate and provided petitions with over 10,000 signatures to get the law changed. 10 years in a women’s prison is a FAR worse punishment than doing time in a juvenile detention facility which is what my mother’s killer received. Sadly neither are justice for the crime committed.

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