Huntsville International Airport Participates in TSA Precheck

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – Huntsville International Airport will be the latest airport in the country to participate in TSA Precheck.

It’s a Transportation Security Administration screening program designed to help travelers proceed through security screenings quicker than normal.

“Passengers coming through will be able to leave on their jackets, the shoes, their belt, they don’t have to take their 311 items out of their bag,” said Jim McKinney, a spokesperson for TSA.

The program allows travelers to keep their shoes on, as well as light outerwear and belts in select screening lanes. Laptops are also permitted to remain in cases and compliant liquids and gels can also be stored in carry-on luggage under the program.

McKinney said that this new method won’t lower the security at any airport.  “Every traveler, whether it’s pre-check or regular screening, is still going through screening,” he said. “It’s expedited but they’re still going, getting screened and security is in place.”

TSA Precheck Logo

Here are some of the eligibility requirements for TSA Precheck:

• Participants must first enroll in TSA Precheck
• Participants must also be U.S. citizens or lawful permanent residents
• U.S. citizens who are frequent fliers and opt in through an invitation from a participating airline
• U.S. Armed Forces with a Common Access Card are also eligible
• Passengers 12 years old and younger who are traveling with an eligible passenger

It’s important to note, it is necessary to apply for the TSA Precheck program.

There is a non-refundable application fee of 85 dollars.

Here’s a look at the airlines participating in the TSA Precheck program:

• Alaska Airlines
• American Airlines
• Delta Airlines
• Hawaiian Airlines
• JetBlue Airways
• Southwest Airlines
• United Airlines
• Virgin America

More than 100 airports use the TSA Precheck program.

The TSA says more than 30 million passengers have participated in the program since it launched in October of 2011.

There is a lot of information about the program on the TSA website.

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