Good Samaritan Who Pulled Man From Burning Car Identified

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ATHENS, Ala.(WHNT)-A Good Samaritan who rescued a Limestone County man from a burning car has been identified after making a hospital visit to the victim.

Hartselle resident Robert Clairday tells WHNT News 19 he stopped by to visit 22-year-old Maxwell Amrein at Huntsville Hospital on Tuesday. Clairday says he did not know Amrein's identity after he was seriously injured in a car accident on I-65 near Athens last week, and only learned of it through news reports.

A car Amrein was driving collided with another vehicle around 5:30 a.m. last Thursday. The car was quickly engulfed in flames, with Clairday and another passerby quickly pulling over to make a rescue attempt.

"I just did what any father would have done, I have a son about his age," said Clairday. "I knew having a head injury you have to move him a certain way, so we drug him by his clothing from the top part to the side of the interstate. About thirty seconds after we did that the car exploded like you see in the movies, and just slung stuff everywhere...I would have given him a zero percent chance of survival after seeing what kind of wreck it was and his condition."

Family members said they have no doubt that Clairday and the other Good Samaritan saved Maxwell Amrein's life. Amrein has since been upgraded from critical to fair condition, and remains at Huntsville Hospital.

"It was amazing just to see him [Amrein] respond and do a little bit of talking, and it's just a miracle," said Clairday. "I think God put his hand on him and helped him."

Clairday said he did not know who the other passerby who stopped was. The man's identity remains unknown.


  • Precious

    Thank God for caring people. Some people witness an accident and keep going on their way. I witness an accident two weeks ago. The teenage driver was 18 years old. Many cars was around when the accident happen, but I was the only one that pulled over, ran across the highway to get to her. I stayed with her until her parents from Decatur arrived at the scene. I have an 18 year old daughter myself and I would hope someone would do the same if this ever happens to her!! Thank God Mr. Clair day was in this area at the time of this accident!! Nobody but GOD!!!

  • lukebandit

    A Christmas Miracle! Thank you Good Samaritan for helping this young man. I have 3 sons, grandson, DIL’s parents, brother and family. and would pray that someone would help them. We all would! Thank you Precious for helping that young lady! You were wonderful for doing that!

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