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Owners Approve Move Of Huntsville Stars To Mississippi

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala.(WHNT)-Sources tell WHNT News 19 that a proposed move of the Huntsville Stars AA baseball team to Mississippi has been approved.

Sources familiar with the Southern League confirmed that the ten owners voted to give the move the green light during a teleconference meeting on Wednesday. Stars owner Miles Prentice has been in talks with a group of interested buyers in Biloxi, Mississippi for an extended period of time.

The Stars have played in Huntsville since 1985, and are currently the AA affiliate of the Milwaukee Brewers. It's understood they will play one more season at Joe Davis Stadium in Huntsville before moving to Biloxi.

How each Southern League owner actually voted is not yet known. Biloxi City Council members tabled a vote on plans for a new ballpark earlier this month while the owners discussed the proposed move at the Baseball Winter Meetings in Orlando.

A spokesperson for the Stars said they could not confirm or comment on the owners' vote. Southern League President Lori Webb declined to offer any insight in an e-mail she sent to WHNT News 19.

"Sorry, I cannot confirm or deny these reports at this time," Webb wrote.

Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle said, "News reports coming out of Mississippi indicate that Huntsville Stars owner Miles Prentice has received initial permission from the Southern League to move his baseball team to Biloxi. Prentice’s contract with the City of Huntsville runs through 2015, and the Stars are expected to complete their final season here next year. The City has not received official notification of the transfer."

“We have talked to baseball officials and are confident the City will have opportunities to bring in a new minor league baseball team to Huntsville,” said Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle. “Our conversations with baseball leadership have been positive. They tell us Huntsville is an important market because of its demographics, location, and tradition. With the right ownership and community partnership, we know baseball will thrive in Huntsville,” said Battle.

Stay tuned to WHNT News 19 for more on this developing story.


    • Not Broke

      Huntsville is not broke it is a engineering city if your not a engineer or work for the arsenal or army there are not many jobs for you here.

    • First Name

      Reading comprehension is not your strong suit, is it? The sales tax increase is to raise the necessary funds to improve our roads and infrastructure for the future. It’s an investment in the future growth of Huntsville. If you don’t understand this, drive down 280 in Birmingham during rush hour and you’ll see why it is so important to invest NOW for our future growth.

      • Branko Pezdi

        In other words, with the tax revenue it is already taking in, the city of Huntsville is “investing” in other higher priority projects that it simply cannot curtail. Yours is the standard, tired, old justification for unlimited government control. Go away.

      • Madison resident

        I sincerely disagree… Huntsville is not well managing their taxes. There are other states and other cities with no city or state taxes doing much better job Then again, what do you expect from inexperienced people….? Taxing us is not the solution. Planning is. When was the last time you drove around Madison roads during rush hours…?

    • Wake Up

      What you are seeing is Republican leadership at its best!! Keep voting Republican and keep getting more of the same (both state and local)!

  • Jimmy Kratochvil

    I say good! so long!! Crappy product, crappy affilation, crappy owner, crappy team, crappy stadium. Dont get all nostagic about the 80s, the magic is gone! Plow it under and put a decent hotel on that side of the city.

  • Michael Kewl

    And what does this tell us?
    That the so-called continuing growth of Huntsville is simply not there aas the disposable income of the average resident is steadily declining as thus the Stars were losing money with no hope of recovery…time for them to go!!!

  • rudy koski

    Joe D was dated from almost the beginning. The problem is its hard to do major public projects in a very fiscally conservative community. I love – love low taxes and certainly miss that mind set where Im living now, but you also got to invest money to make money. A better venue. A better ownership can work in Huntsville and Huntsville needs it. Try building a new stadium near the VBCC and spur the river walk idea. Or continue to go to Nashville and Chattanooga for quality of life stuff.

  • M

    Uhh have any of you seen the stadium for Nashville’s AA baseball team? Take a trip up to a Nashville Sounds home game and check it out, maybe then you’ll appreciate Joe Davis. For a AA baseball team in a city the size of Huntsville, Joe Davis Stadium is honestly way better than it should/could be.

    Sad to see the Stars go, and I hope they can find a replacement team – lots of good times to be had at Joe Davis..Thirsty Thursdays anyone?

  • BamaGirl

    I’ve been to several minor league stadiums….I love ’em, and so do my kids….I enjoyed the Stars games, but the stadium was worse, in my opinion, than some others I’ve seen. I do think that the staff was only half-heartedly involved, as well the fans. And yes, I believe the absentee owner didn’t help. If the city leaders are going to shop for another team (and I hope they succeed in getting one), I’d like to suggest that they check out the stadiums in Bowling Green, KY, Asheville, NC, and Rome, GA…..neat stadiums, but also great energy and fan participation. And for the love of Pete, for absolute excitement, go to Durham, NC….

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