Woman Claims She Was Mercury Poisoned

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Freya Koss was a successful, active business woman. She was an event planner, played tennis, and even took ballet into her mid-50’s. One night when she was walking out of a theater, she was hit with severe physical symptoms out of nowhere.

Koss says, “I had double vision, drooping eyelids, loss of equilibrium, loss of muscle strength, and swollen mandibular glands.”

With just one look at her pictures, you can see how dramatic the physical changes were.

Koss recalls, “I went to a neurologist at a teaching hospital and I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, lupus, and then another doctor diagnosed me with myasthenia gravis. Three life threatening auto immune diseases.”

She immediately hit the internet looking for answers, remembering that she’d had dental work done just seven days before her symptoms started, with one mercury filling placed and one removed. She says she discovered that she’d been mercury poisoned.

“I was shocked. I was angry. I thought my life was over.”

Dr. Ada Frazier isn’t surprised. She’s an integrative holistic dentist and says the biggest risk to a patient is when you take out dental amalgams, also known as silver or mercury fillings. That’s because of the mercury vapors released.

Dr. Frazier explains, “It is a toxic substance. It’s a neurotoxin. We are trained to follow a specific protocol that keeps both the patient and the practitioner and their staff safe from any exposure.”

That protocol also protects the environment.

“One of the things we use is a mercury ionizer. It emits a stream of electrons across the patient’s head as we’re cutting the amalgam out,” says Frazier.

Any mercury ions that escape are attracted to the electrons and become trapped on the plate.

Dr. Frazier also uses a DentAirVac. “We call it the Snuffleupagus because it looks like it has a long nose. But when we turn it on, it’s like a vacuum and any additional mercury ions that escape, will be sucked up into this.”

The patients breathe in pure oxygen. Dr. Frazier and her assistants wear a mask, where the canisters protect them from breathing in any vapors. There are HEPA filtration systems all over the building.

There’s also an amalgam separator. “What that does, when we suck up that toxic water, it goes into that apparatus,” explains Frazier.

Frazier says mercury toxicity has been linked to everything from Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease to MS and depression.

Frazier warns, “It can completely shut down your immune system, and when that happens you don’t have the natural resource that the universe provided for you to take care of most illnesses.”

According to the American Dental Association, “Dental amalgam is considered a safe, affordable and durable material.”

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration also considers them safe, but admits that “High levels of mercury vapor exposure are associated with adverse effects in the brain and the kidneys”.

But Freya Koss doesn’t buy it, and says there’s nothing safe about these fillings. After a 16 year battle to regain her health, she says something needs to change, and has dedicated her life to getting the word out and trying to change public policy.

“My double vision slowly disappeared after the fillings were removed, says Koss. “I regained my equilibrium within several weeks of having the fillings removed and I started to heal.”

In October 2013, nearly 100 countries gathered in Japan to sign a treaty to reduce mercury use globally. The United States wasn’t there because of the government shutdown. But the U.S. did sign and ratify the treaty in early November. Some countries like Sweden and Norway have banned the use of dental amalgams. For patients like Koss, they can only hope the rest of the world is not far behind.


    • Larry

      Or, you know, the ADA could be fighting this because they and other dentists could be liable for lawsuits worth billions of dollars. But I’m sure money has nothing to do with this…

    • John Graham

      Bob, mercury amalgam (silver fillings) has never been proven safe, it was grandfathered-in from previous beliefs in it’s safety.

      The recipe for mercury amalgam, has contained 50% mercury for over 160 years!


      …and Bob, many med students don’t question “authority”.

  • Paul

    No, medical doctors are not trained at all in heavy metal toxicity or nutrition. They know about covering up symptoms with drugs and about surgery.

  • Leigh

    Once an old blood pressure device fell off the wall at the hospital. Due to the small amount of mercury in it and how toxic it is, we literally shut down half of that entire floor of the hospital and evacuated all the patients. Most people don’t realize how dangerous mercury is to our neurological system.

  • Anita Tibau

    The information on dental mercury fillings is available to anyone who wishes to learn the truth…Mercury is a poison and that is irrefutable. For the ADA to continue to protect this poison in almost 2014 is unconscionable and immoral…They continue to say it is safe, when mercury will never be safe in any of its forms…Thank you for the story, this type of public service can help to change the status quo…

  • Laura Henze Russell

    Thank you for running this story. May it light a fire and get other media to cover this tragedy of epic proportions in the U.S.

    I am one of hundreds of thousands of people also poisoned by my dental fillings, and have recovered due to the persistence of a biologic dentist and functional MD/allergist, and my primary care physician, who never gave up hope and knew that something had gone terribly wrong over the past two decades. There are millions of injured patients with a host of chronic diseases who do not yet know that mercury may be the cause, and there is hope for recovery and health.

    Health is basically a product of genes and exposures. For those with genetic susceptibility to mercury toxicity, because they do not clear it well, Mercury is the trigger, and genes are what points the gun. If you keep your gun safely, nobody gets hurt. If your genes make the gun point directly at you, make sure nobody gets to the trigger.

    Instead, mercury amalgam has a free pass from the FDA, CDC, NIH and entire medical, dental and public health regulatory apparatus. It is only Class II, with no restrictions or warnings to patients, only to dentists.
    It’s like only telling Skippy that some children shouldn’t eat peanut butter, but not warning parents or children. It’s like telling Phillip Morris that cigarettes are dangerous, but not putting a warning on the box. The conflicts of interest are colossal, and will win someone a Pulitzer.

  • Laura Henze Russell (@LauraHRussell)

    1) There is hard scientific peer-reviewed research indicating amalgam’s harm to genetically susceptible children and adults.

    2) There is a genetic susceptibility component, which explains why everyone doesn’t have problems with it.

    3) There is an international convention to phase it down, and a national commitment to do so, through voluntary measures. Half of dentists no longer use it. That should tell you something.

    4) The FDA ignored the recommendations of its own Scientific Advisory Panels on Amalgam, in 2006 and 2010, to restrict its use, warn patients, and require specific informed consent. This is a travesty. Its like the FDA allowing cigarettes, lead paint and asbestos.

    5) If we don’t act soon in the U.S., we will continue to become more damaged, diseased, disabled, demented and isn’t that fun, plus more and more kids will have issues, as mercury passes through the placenta and breast milk, and is recycled via cremation, which is exempt from strict pollution controls.

    6) The cost burden, let alone the illness, heartache, suffering, and loss of productive work and family relationships for many, is staggering. The dental industry has basically created a colossal externality for which everyone else is picking up the tab – just like Big Tobacco.

  • Linda Brocato

    After 3 hospitalizations, 8 different medications including oral and
    intravenous chemotherapy, slurred speech, loss of vision for 1 month
    and dying I discovered my amalgams contained 50% mercury. My DDS’s
    NEVER told me.

    I had my 16 amalgams removed contrary to the American Dental
    Association’s reccommendation of SAFETY and ALL SYMPTOMS GRADUALLY
    “silver” fillings were originally placed in my teeth when I was 7 or 8
    years of age but symptoms didn’t manifest until age 27.


    Linda Brocato
    Consumers for Dental Choice

  • Patricia Tamowski

    I have first hand knowledge of the dangers of mercury amalgam fillings, which were affecting my brain until I got them removed and did some heavy metal detoxification.

    We have met people whose symptoms of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, MS, ALS, Myasthenia Gravis, Meniere’s disease have improved significantly after the removal of their amalgam fillings. We have heard similar stories for resolution of heart disease, cancer and a variety of other ailments. We have met women who “coincidentally” had miscarriages shortly after having amalgam fillings placed or replaced.

    The scientific evidence is overwhelming both that every amalgam filling leaches harmful mercury into the body daily and that this mercury is damaging to health. See iaomt dot org’s position paper for peer-reviewed research on the subject.

    It is a crime that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), who is supposed to be protecting the public, is instead allowing the crime to continue by not banning these dangerous dental fillings when composite fillings are not only safer and more durable but require less loss of tooth structure and do not expand and contract with heat, avoiding amalgam-related cracked teeth.

    The American Dental Association (ADA) cites a few studies with faulty science (not looking at number of fillings or surfaces, looking at only current amalgams not history of amalgams) to support their claims these fillings are safe, yet ignore the thousands of studies showing they are harmful.

    The worst crime of all is placing a substance that the American Dental Association (ADA) admits leaches mercury into the mouths of our children, only inches from their brains! Even worse, putting mercury in the mouths of pregnant women when we know the leaching mercury crosses the placenta into the developing fetus.

    The best news is that we as consumers do not have to wait for the FDA. We can refuse placement of all amalgams in our own and our children’s mouths, insist instead on safer composite materials, and we can insist that currently placed amalgam fillings be SAFELY removed by a dentist trained in using procedures freely published at iaomt dot org.

    • Leo Cashman, Director of DAMS

      It is important to have amalgams replaced by a well trained, well equipped dentist who can do it properly, and without making the patient more mercury poisoned in the process. DAMS is an educational non-profit group that can provide a list of knowledgeable dentists in your state or province. DAMS (Dental Amalgam mercury Solutions) can also provide more information and answer questions about dental mercury and other ways that dentistry can affect health. DAMS can be reached at 651-644-4572 and e-mailed at DAMS@usfamily.net.
      Thank you to Elise Morgan and WHNT19 News for bringing us this important news story.

  • Sean

    I had an array of health issues arise after getting 7 dental amalgams about 9 years ago. Sudden onset of brain-fog, food intolerances, weakened immune system, and yadda yadda. I had two private labs test my mercury levels, both confirming mercury 3 times above the maximum threshold.

    My life has been ruined by mercury, and the ignorance of the medical community around it is staggering.

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