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The intersection of Clearvue Drive and Homer Nance Road in Madison County has a problem. Drivers on Clearvue have to contend with a hill in each direction. The hill from the right side is the worst.  "It's kind of blind. You really have to watch what you're doing. I've almost had a couple of accidents right here because I can't see," says Rodney Morris.

Madison County had already done work on the intersection to make it safer, but they were at the limit as far as buying right-of-way for more changes.  The hills and the short sight lines a fact of life for drivers on Clearvue.  At the very least, drivers coming from the left passed a sign warning of a hidden intersection, and urging a slow down to 25 miles per hour. For driver from the right, there was no warning at all.

We took action, and called Madison County Commissioner Roger Jones. He quickly responded and now there is a sign for drivers in both directions on Homer Nance. They get warning that they need to slow down and be cautious.

Just a few miles away on Moores Mill Road the same sort of situation. Drivers on Robinson Road had to contend with being at the bottom of a steep hill. For drivers turning left it's a scary situation, because they can't see traffic coming from their right till the last second.  Driver Renee Scruggs especially upset by the situation. "I'm originally from Michigan. I actually got injured on a hill similar to the one on Moores Mill. Except we were on ice and snow, and a car sliding over the hill like the one on Moores Miill slid into us and as a result I lost a leg," says Renee.

The situation at this intersection complicated by too many drivers going faster than the posted 45-miles-per-hour limit, and also a warning sign of the approaching cross-road that was leaning over and twisted to the side.

We took action again, and talked to County Commissioner Roger Jones.  Now, the damaged warning sign has been replaced, an additional warning sign added. "I'm thankful to Channel 19. People need to be responsible and pay attention, but it's better than what they had and I thank you for addressing the issue," says Renee Scruggs.

Addressing the issue is why we're here.


  • Mike

    I saw an intersection in NC that would help this and not cost to much. Place an automated caution light that detects cars coming from the blind sides. If flashing the cars turning should wait. If not flashing the cars are clear to turn

  • Jennifer

    Clearvue and Homer Nance has not been fixed. Yes the County came and cut the hill down but if you are on clearvue trying to turn left onto Homer Nance your vision is still obstructed. Maybe in a school bus or other large vehicle your sight has improved but for most drivers there is no significant change. I drive this road everyday and I find myself taking the long way around just to avoid this intersection.

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