Mother Wants Madison County School Bus Stop Changed

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OWENS CROSS ROADS, Ala. (WHNT) -  An Owens Cross Roads woman believes her children are in danger. She says cars traveling past the kids' bus stop are speeding. Gwendolen Campbell wants someone in authority to do something before a child is killed.

Campbell has tried talking to school leaders and police, but nothing has changed.

Campbell told WHNT NEWS 19 she parked her car at the bus stop with its flashers going. Her brother stood on the edge of the road flagging down drivers. Both have done about everything except throw rocks at the speeders to keep the children safe. They'd like to see the bus stop moved.

The bus stop is on Cave Springs Road. The sound signals a concern for Campbell.

“The kids cross the road and cars are speeding. They do not stop,” said Campbell.

What Campbell sees and hears creates fear.

“That one of them is going to get hit,” added Campbell.

Campbell thinks several things jeopardize the safety of her children, niece and nephew who board the bus there.

What’s the main issue?

“It’s the speed limit! We were told the yellow sign, before you come across the hill, is just a suggested speed limit because it is a yellow sign,” added Campbell.

The speed limit varies at several points along Cave Springs Road.

“If you come across that hill, you are not doing 35, you can`t really stop,” added Campbell.

That`s the scary part for Campbell’s family.

My brother, mom and I it out there and stand out there every morning,” added Campbell.

Owens Cross Roads Police Chief Christopher Dillard is aware of Campbell’s issue.

“We`re committed to provide public safety for the community,” said Dillard.

Chief Dillard understands Campbell’s cry for help.

But, the chief and his officers can write only so many tickets.

“The speed limit is 35 miles per hour. Typically, people are not adhering to that. They don`t want to do 35 mph,” added Chief Dillard.

“I have blown my horn at those coming through speeding. I have laid on my horn. It has gotten to the point to where they blow their horn at me in the mornings,” added Campbell.

Campbell has gotten police to pay attention. She hopes to do the same with Madison County Schools.

“My mom has called the school to try to get the bus route changed. We`ve not gotten a response from the principal. We haven`t heard anything back,” added Campbell.

Campbell acknowledges Madison County Schools changed the bus stop there for elementary students. She feels their need for safety is no different from the need of students in middle and high school.

The Campbell family is prepared to continue standing guard.

“There`s really nothing we can do. If a car comes across that hill, we can`t stop the car, but we can try to be here to watch,” added Campbell.

It does not appear Campbell and her family will see a change any time soon. WHNT NEWS 19 contacted the office of Madison County Schools Superintendent Dr. David Copeland.

Geraldine Tibbs, a spokeswoman for the superintendent, sent a statement:

“At this time, the staff has determined that a change of present procedures will not enhance the safety."


  • Bob

    Since when does chief Dullard not love to write as many tickets as he can. Ask him how many he writes on hwy 431. Plenty.

  • T

    It seems that no one cares. How about the cops install a traffic camera and send out tickets. I live in a subdivision and cars occasionally pass my son when my son is boarding his bus.. Neither the Madison County school or the cops care. The both wondered why I was wasting their time. For K, my son is special needs they DO NOT want me driving him to school as I have to use the same door as the special needs buses. Maybe you should be less judgmental.

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