Woman Who Drowned Son Charged With Stabbing Nurse Earlier This Year

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – Delicia Barrow, the woman who apparently drowned her son and then took her own life, was arrested for assault earlier in the year.

Delicia Barrow, after her arrest in October 2013 (Huntsville/Madison Co. Jail)

Delicia Barrow, after her arrest in October 2013 (Huntsville/Madison Co. Jail)

Barrow was charged with stabbing a nurse at Huntsville Hospital in September, according to our news partners The Huntsville Times/al.com.

Huntsville Police say a nurse was helping the patient remove an IV when the patient became combative.  Officers say the woman pulled out a pocket knife and stabbed the nurse, 29-year-old Samantha Stasica in the side of her head.  Stasica recovered.

The patient, Delicia Latrice Barrow, was charged with second-degree assault.  She was scheduled to appear in court in January for a preliminary hearing, The Huntsville Times reported.

Barrow’s attorney, Lonzo Robinson told WHNT News 19 Monday his firm actually felt confident about Barrow’s criminal case, saying he believed the assault case should have never been brought.

Robinson cited that for prosecuting criminal charges in the state of Alabama, intent must exist. Robinson would not reveal the reason for Barrow's hospital stay earlier in the year but did say because she was highly medicated at the time of the alleged stabbing incident, she could not have had intent to harm the hospital employee.

Robinson did say Barrow remained in the hospital for several days after the alleged stabbing incident in October.

Barrow died this weekend.  Huntsville Police found her in her home on Alburta Drive.  She had left a note saying where they could find her son Randle's body.  The Marshall County Sheriff's Office found him Saturday night in the Honeycomb area.


  • soldier

    Romans 9:20- But who are you a human being to talk back to God. shall what is formed say to the one who formed it , why did you make me like this. kenny its obvious you believe in God because you capitalized His name…God. you knew to do this cause you’ve been to church and have read the bible. you know that not all people choose to believe in God and you know that there are many things that factor into something as tragic as this and that God isn’t to blame. if you judge you shall be judged. praying for all the family and friends of these people.

  • Kelly Nesmith

    what is sad here is that an innocent child that his mother was supposed to love and protect apparently drove him to Guntersville and held him in the cold water and took his life. Maybe the attorney should be looking at this and saying that there was an intent on hurting someone earlier in the year and this child would still be alive. Our children are given to us to love and protect at all costs. God gave them to us as a gift. We all need to make the most out of that gift. Rest in Peace sweet little angel, no one will ever hurt you again sweet innocent little one.

  • Kimberly Burns

    This woman was quite obviously mentally ill. Yes, God can bring us through problems but if you are too sick to understand to turn to him, then what? I don’t understand why her son was given back to her. Did the folks around her not see the signs? Obviously those involved in her life knew, or they never would have agreed to take the child in the first place. After the stabbing of the nurse was she under the care of the mental health center? Those closest to her know why this happened. So very sad, for her and the child!

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