Woman Devastated After Delivery Service Puts Package in Trash

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BARNHART, Mo. – A mother demanded answers after she received a note from a delivery service company that said they had left her package in an empty trash can.

Missouri resident, Tracy Sole, was extremely upset after she discovered a notice left on her door by UPS stating they had delivered a package to her residence and placed it inside of a black trash can. The worse part was that the delivery was made on trash day, and when Sole went to look for the package, all that was inside her black trashcan was two frozen cups. She suspected the trash had already been picked up that day.

According to Sole the package was especially important because it was a Christmas gift she intended to give to her young daughter. It contained an Android tablet, which she had saved up for.

“I was crying all night last night I came home and I mean I saved for months to get that for my daughter and then for them to just throw it in the trash,” said Sole about the missing package.

Sole contacted UPS, who she said told her to contact the company she purchased the tablet from.

“And I was trying to talk to the guy on the phone, he said ‘you`re going to have to calm down, I can`t understand what you`re saying.’  So I was like you don`t understand but it was awful,” said Sole about the phone call she made to the company.

UPS offers a service that would require a signature during delivery, but for an additional charge. They also train their drivers to leave packages out of plain sight and out of bad weather.

“I don`t care if they leave it by the mailbox as long as they don`t throw it in the trash,” said Sole, who understands that the driver didn’t want to walk down her icy driveway, but thinks they could’ve chosen a better spot for the package.

Unfortunately, the incident has left Sole without a Christmas gift for her daughter.


  • neil

    Yea They Did That 2 Me Wit My Moms Cell Fone I Got Thru Sprint But They Delivered It 2 Someone Else’s House & I Called The Police & They Didn’t Do Anything Either What The He’ll Is Wrong The The Delivery Service People Now A Days

  • J. D. Stewart

    They don’t care, as most of them are out of work executives that never interacted with anyone but a secratary, and she did all the work. They are dead from the neck up to leave anything of value in a trash can. Trash is considered public access property and if a delivery is left in it the parcel company is libel and must replace it. If she has not done so already, just call them, they don’t want bad PR and will Santa you if you make them sweat a little, about the law and how it applies to them, in this matter.

  • deedeest111

    I have another way also. Get in touch with the company you purchased it from, and tell them you received the notice, but the package was not delivered. They will take care of all of it for you, lady. Put the seller on the shipper’s butt and you will get action, use your card too.

  • Heather

    They did that to my step daughter! We sent her a $100 gift card for amazon, they delivered it to the wrong address, that person used the card (all of it) on amazon, although amazon finally sent her another about 2 weeks AFTER her Bday, there was never anything done to the person tht used it, or ups for the wrong address!

  • Kadi

    we consumers have no protection against irresponsible companies, against the wrong deliverys against abuse and inefficiency of some employees serving us.

  • j

    just wondering if it was the tablet or something else and just trying to do a scam and get another tablet so she will have two for one price

    • A

      I thought the same thing. Don’t know about where she is from but here the trash has to be on the curb or by the road for trash to be picked up. I’m sure ups didn’t leave it in the trash can by the road.

    • Natalie

      I do not believe this woman is going through all this trouble to pull a scam. UPS makes mistakes all the time. However scam or not, still their mistake.

  • ups driver

    I work for ups out of fort payne al our job is to deliver it to the address our employer tells us to leave packages out of site and bad weather she could’ve left a message on the order form to tell us where to leave it mailbox . porch . or under a rock

    • Natalie

      I’ve had them deliver my packages to a neighbor. After tracking my packages online, they were shown as “delivered”. So I called, and they contacted the driver. He said he left the package with a man. So I went to my neighbors, and their babysitter answered. She gave me 1 opened package and not the other. I was (EDIT). Both were clearly addressed to me. So I called UPS back, and they told me the same thing… “Call the sender”. The item was out of stock, but luckily, they reimbursed me. If you do not have luck with your sender, I would call UPS again, and if they don’t do anything, talk with their manager. If they don’t do anything, talk to their superior. I’d keep talking to someone til they resolve the issue. That would be (EDIT) up for them to brush off THEIR mistake.

      • Natalie

        I even have specific instructions… Use steps to the back entrance. (Wrap around porch. A straight shot from the driveway.) So leaving message as UPS driver ^ says doesn’t always work.

    • John

      You can’t leave anything in the mail box except US Postal Service mail. The article says she lived down a long, icy driveway. Therefore the can was at the road. Still, a garbage can? What would keep the driver from “gifting” the package (to some one) and reporting it as left in an inappropriate location?

    • Jocee

      Even a brainless person would have used better judgment than to leave it
      In the trash. I think everyone should boycott ups. Maybe they to re evaluate their policies.

    • angela

      Thanks for your great service! From here in Hammondville, AL. I have a note posted on my door for placement of items from UPS and Fed Ex…so my dog cannot get them! :)

    • Heather Michelle Skipper

      Or, you know, you could take it back the the freakin’ service center and just leave a note on her door about it. You’re one of the privileged few who have a job in this economy and corporate HR is just a phone call away.

    • Evan

      UPS (Huntsville, AL) never follows instructions. I have left instructions repeatedly to leave packages on the car port, but they repeatedly leave them on the front porch, visible and exposed to rain.

  • tdub

    that’s funny that they say UPS drivers are trained to leave packages out of site. they ALWAYS leave my packages on my front porch, regardless of being home or not.

  • ups driver 2

    As a driver I wouldnt have left the box even though it wasnt sig reqd. Put a info notice in the mail box or on the trash can and attempt delivery again the next day. Then the customer has the option to pick up at ups center as well.

  • Jocee

    UPS has delivered stuff to my house broken knowly. The delivery person stood there and said he dropped it and I would have to go to the nearest depot and file a claim. He was very arrogant about it, too. I think everyone needs to boycott them until they make a few changes to their treatment of their customers. In the long run we are the one providing their pay.

  • Dee

    Unfortunate Situation. However, it sounds as if the delivery driver followed protocol and delivered the package as instructed (leave in a place where it can not be detected). I am quite sure the delivery drive does not live in her area and was unaware that it was trash day. In the future, one might deliver “high end items” by a more secure method (signature required, send to a P.O. Box, etc.)

    Trying contacting the company in which the product was purchased to let them know that you have not received it. It might take a few weeks, possibly after Christmas, but the problem will be resolved.

    I am very sorry about your situation.

  • Kay Black Mosteller

    Something does not add up……she said she guessed that the driver didn’t want to walk all the way down her driveway since it was icy…..but the note was left on the door so ……..UPS is a reputable company and I cannot believe that they will not make it right. It would help if people had addresses on their houses and mailboxes….they are not mind readers/ I know they make mistakes…you can’t deliver as many packages as they do and not make mistakes…..they are human. I think there is more to this story….I can’t see them leaving it in a garbage can at the road.

  • Jimmy Smith

    That is totally unacceptable for UPS to us this practice and then tell this lady sorry. We should boycott UPS and request our packages be shipped by FEDEX or US mail. I’ve seen and received packages come to my home and I know FEDEX does a better job. Maybe this terd driver should lose a Christmas gift to one of his kids this way and see how it feels.

  • Linda

    Call me jaded, but I think this is a made-up story. The woman says that “she discovered a notice left on her door by UPS stating they had delivered a package to her residence and placed it inside of a black trash can.” She also said she “understands that the driver didn’t want to walk down her icy driveway.” The item she ordered was an Android tablet, which would be packaged in a relatively small box and would have been easy enough for the UPS driver to carry with him WHEN HE WALKED DOWN HER ICY DRIVEWAY TO DELIVER THE NOTE. As for leaving packages in an inconspicuous spot, I have lots of boxes delivered, and they sit in plain sight on my front porch.

    Sorry, but I call BS on this story.

  • kb

    Agreed with guy above. Total bs. I will tell you from experience in work first hand from both companies. Ups is way to go. However this happens daily somewhere in ups and fedex worldwide unfortunately. If something happened to pkg anywhers they will tell you to contact shipper. They do pay for it one way or another. Good luck on your boycott. You will be the only one to suffer.

  • alyssa

    That’s federal. And, taking mail that isnt yours can lead to federal prison. If, you cant get the cops to do something call the mayor and if mayor want do anything then call your local news get it on tv that you went as far trying to talk to mayor because the police want do anything then state your going to report police and mayor to the government. Thats what I do!

  • Linda

    Apparently, I was wrong about this being a BS story. From Yahoo News:

    UPS investigated what happened and it was found that the driver did indeed leave the package in Sole’s trash can. The company told the station that,”…drivers are trained to leave packages out of sight and protected from inclement weather,” a practice the company calls, “driver release.” UPS apologized for the mistake and eventually agreed to buy a new tablet for Ms. Sole’s daughter before Christmas.

    And, in the true spirit of Christmas:

    Tracey also wrote in her post that she does not want the employee to be fired because, “I can guarantee he will never make that mistake again.”

    We should all be so forgiving, I think.

    • kathy

      It wasn’t the tablet that was left in the trash can, it was a cord, and she received that. The tablet hadn’t even been shipped yet. She called the news before she had her facts. Think she would call them NOW and tell them she was wrong???

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  • kathy

    Apparently, this is all wrong. The tablet she ordered hadn’t even been shipped yet. It was a cord that WAS delivered that day, AND SHE RECEIVED IT!!!! Think she would call the news and report that it was HER mistake????

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