Six-year-old Florida Boy Jumps to Action After Neighbor Falls into Pool

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(CNN) — A six-year-old boy in Florida jumped into action when his toddler neighbor fell into the pool. Florida loses more children under the age of five to drowning than any other state — but Palmer French’s quick thinking kept his neighbor from becoming another tragic statistic.

It’s a good thing six-year-old French is a natural in the water — because if he wasn’t, this situation could have ended very differently.

French jumped into the water to save two-year-old Scarlett.

French: “She cannot swim because she is still a baby.”

Reporter: “That’s when you jumped in to help her.”

French: “Yes, because I’m six years old.”

Somehow, Scarlett slipped off a shallow water ledge and into deeper water, sinking to the bottom.

Palmer literally jumped into action.

“She fell down in the water and I saved her and her mom picked her up,” French said.

“I think that he’s a little hero. It’s what I think,” French’s grandfather, Tom French said.

French and his grandfather often play an underwater game. French will swim down to the pool floor, and pull his grandfather up.

It seems the little boy used the same technique with Scarlett.

“Palmer just instinctively jumped in, went to the bottom, picked her up and brought her to the surface,” French’s grandfather said.

Reporter: “Were you scared?

“No. I was not scared. I was brave,” French said.


  • Sue

    You ARE truly a HERO French!!! It was great that you were there. Imagine a 6 yr old doing this- his grandfather was a very smart man to teach this to him.

  • Shanna Vega

    What an amazing story! Heros come in all shapes and sizes…and you French are one if em’. God bless you and your family and little Scatlet!

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