Gold’s Gym Closes, Members Informed By Note On Door

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala.(WHNT)-An indoor space to work out in can be critical when winter termperatures arrive.  But, members of one local gym have been literally left out in the cold.

According to a note pasted on its front door, the Gold's Gym on Bailey Cove Road in south Huntsville is now closed.  Customers who were expecting a Monday morning workout were locked out instead.

A two paragraph note pasted to the gym's front door stated that the landlord asked Gold's Gym to vacate.  No reason for the sudden closing was given and no answers available for customers who are wondering what happens next.

Our cameras captured several gym members finding the unwelcome news as they walked to the entrance Monday.

"It's a little bit frustrating," said gym member Kenzie Broome. "I was out of town this past week and I didn't know about it.  I guess I'll do stuff on my own, run around the neighborhood. Suck it up and run in the cold."

Our messages to Gold's Gym and the building's landlord went unanswered Monday.

The notice posted to the gym's front door states that all automatic bank drafts for monthly memberships will be stopped.  Butl there's no confirmation that's actually happened.


  • D

    They withdrew my monthly membership today… yes they are still taking money out of accounts. They were not cancelled!

    • David Gray

      I believe you can go to the bank and they will restore your account. At least that is what the BofA people told me when I was in a gym in Tennessee and they wanted automatic withdrawals. I asked what if they withdraw when they are not supposed to? Answer: Come in and tell us, and we will restore the balance.” Good luck.

  • Corey Cooper

    I literally just purchased a membership with Gold’s Gym not but three weeks ago. I made the decision to purchase a whole year’s membership up front and now that its closed, I wont be able to use it.

  • John Doe

    Folks if you are a member you better call your bank and cancel your automatic drafts yourself. The gym will be “accidentally” still receiving your money for the next couple of months if YOU are not careful.

  • John Doe

    Remember employees didn’t know anything. I know from a source they had no idea. You’re out $15 or 200, they’re out a job right now. Merry Christmas employees

  • Michael Kewl

    And this pattern is repeating itself in Huntsville more & more and now, accelerating as our local economy is steadily declining…the recession has never been over for Huntsville, just “shoved under the table” by the City “Fathers/Mothers” to serve their own self interests…now it cannot be hidden anymore, just look around to see the growing recession in Huntsville’s closed businesses…after Christmas many more will fold!

  • jessica

    I have had a terrible experience with this gym already and was told by corporate to cancel locally, and told in the gym that I had to e-mail corporate. That being said, I am still paying monthly membership fees and haven’t been in months. If anyone has advice please let me know!

    • Leslie Gray Kilgore

      I also had a terrible experience with this gym. They came up with a $40 charge they never told us about and refused to remove it (they also insulted our fitness during this conversation). My last charge was supposed to be a few days ago, so we’ll see if that really happens. If they keep charging, I suppose we will all have to call our banks and have the automatic draft cancelled. According to their reviews on Google, this particular location LOVES to keep charging after members quit. I have heard that the last time they pulled this, they had another gym which would honor memberships. But Gold’s apparently forgot to tell that gym about it!

      • David Gray

        I wouldn’t wait to see if they charge your account. Go to the bank now, tell them the situation, and they will put a block on the withdrawal.

  • Andrew Kelly

    Shame I actually liked this gym. Didn’t have bad service just bad hours wasn’t 24 hours. Anyone know how to cancel if they are still charging

  • Danny

    I use to work there and I talk to some of the employees and they are shocked and upset. I know you can go to the owner of the gyms other gym Facebook page and comment. It is called Chenal Health and Fitness 501-436-4600. Owners name is Sam Witherow

  • Amie

    I’m glad WHNT had a story about this. When my husband and I showed to tonight there was no notice on the door. We weren’t the only confused and angry members standing around. I feel badly for some of the employees. This is just bad business. I guess in a way I’m also relieved to be done. The machines in there were in terrible shape and this summer the thermostat was around 88 degrees. I guess you do get what you pay for. :/

  • jamison-jones

    This gym used to be located somewhere on the parkway and they have this nasty habit of not paying their rent!! they have tlots of members but they never pay their bill. They have these little incompetetnt people who run it on a daily basis and they scheme money away from their coffers. i’m not surprised one. everywhere they go, they tend to be evicted!! need to contact headquarters to change management.

    • Kevin

      Your Grammar lets everyone know you would be very competent. You should have applied for a job and saved the day.

  • anonymous

    For anyone interested, I called the corporate customer service yesterday and was eventually transferred to someone aware of the situation, and was told every member will be notified by e-mail by this Friday of a gym that will honor your membership and training contracts. They said it would be a gym that is in a “convenient” location relative to the current Gold’s Gym location on Bailey Cove. They didn’t seem willing to cancel anything at the moment.

    The corporate number is 866-465-3775, they don’t exactly advertise the number openly, it was difficult to find.

    • Kevin

      That is obvious friend. I’m glad you’re a “freakin” engineer graduate. You sound really intelligent, I’m sure you have a great “freakin” career ahead of you.

  • Tiffany

    I am so sorry for everyone that this has happened to. I did not even have any idea either that this was going to happen and I was one of the head trainers at the gym. I walked in Friday morning to train a client and found out that way. Keep your heads up and we will find a new place to make our gym. If I can help anyone out in the mean time, please let me know.


  • anonymous

    Just recieved this email from them:

    Dear Members of Gold’s Gym Huntsville,

    Due to financial issues, we have closed our doors on Friday December 13th, 2013. We are currently working with a comparable facility located close to our former gym to honor all membership agreements and personal training contracts as per the terms of the agreements and contracts. We will email all members and clients the new information no later than Friday, December 20th. Please forward all questions and comments to

    We apologize for any inconvenience we have caused during our closing. We have enjoyed serving your health and fitness needs.

    Yours in Health,

    Gold’s Gym Huntsville

    To Great Health and Fitness!!

  • Patricia

    Ultimate Fitness located at 11208 Memorial Parkway Next to Guadalajara restaurant behind Taco Bell is Now Open and has great monthly rates, friendly environment, and MMA classes will be starting soon. Go by and try it out today. 256-469-6157.

  • Jordan Bowling

    I’ve been a member at ultamite fitness since it’s opened in September!! It’s a great place located beside Guadalajara on south parkway behind Taco Bell and Arby’s. Great owners and new equipment and it’s only $20 a month if you sign up for a year with a one time start up fee of 25 dollars. Come and check it out and they are looking to expand and when they do it’s hands down gonna be the best gym in alabama! Great service and trainers and they aren’t trying to take your money.

  • Devin Kendrick

    I just joined Ultimate Fitness last month and love it. It’s a one time start up fee of 25 dollars and I only pay 20 a month. You really can’t beat it and the plans the owner has told me of expanding sounds amazing when they get enough members. Everyone should come check it out behind Taco Bell. I was also a member of Golds and hands down ultimate fitness is a better environment and great people. You should all come check it out

  • Brandon

    If everyone is looking for a gym go check out Ultimate Fitness on south parkway behind Taco Bell. Good equipment, nice and friendly staff, and VERY CLEAN! Stop in and check it out. Their number is 256-469-6157!

  • JimTC

    Another vote for Ultimate Fitness. Gold’s closing is almost exact repeat of 4 years back, when Don’s Gym, a few doors from Gold’s, closed abruptly 12-11-2013 — note on door, no advance warning. Paid monthly by check, not ACH debit; so saved $29 that month. About Gold’s bank draft: GET A SCREEN CAPTURE of the note on Gold’s door. I got mine from the Fox 54 video page covering the closing — just Google “Gold’s Gym Huntsville Closed” — may be able to capture from this article, too; I haven’t tried it. I also made a screen capture today of the bank draft transaction — just in case. Best. — Jim

  • Jackson

    Danny is right. This wasn’t a corporate owned Gold’s Gym or was even locally owned. It has no relation to the previous one in town. It was originally opened by an ownership group out of Columbus, Georgia that poorly ran it and then they sold it to Sam Witherow who owned a number of gyms in Arkansas. I also worked there during that time and the buisness practices of many of the employees and ownership were “misleading”. One of the reasons I left. I guarantee they will probably still charge everyone the annual “gym upkeep” charge that so many of their sales associates decided to not discuss when getting people to sign contracts. I always disliked working in early January when everyone came in upset about it. It was not the “landlords” either guaranteed, ownership has known and they kept selling memberships anyways.

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