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Acklin’s Hearing for New Trial Wraps Up; Judge to Rule Later

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - The defense and prosecution rested Thursday morning in the hearing to determine whether a man convicted in a series of murders in 1996 receives a new trial.

Nicholas Acklin is on Alabama's death row for his role in Huntsville's "cell phone murders."  Four people were shot to death over a stolen cell phone, and two others were hurt.

Acklin claims he had ineffective counsel during his trial.  His lawyer from the trial, Behrouz Rahmati, testified this week.  Acklin's new attorney is William Montross, Jr. of the Southern Center for Human Rights.

Thursday's testimony included statements from one of Acklin's brothers about the childhood abuse they suffered.  Read more of our coverage from the past week:

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Madison County Circuit Judge Chris Comer will consider testimony presented during this week's hearing.  He's not expected to issue a ruling for several months.


  • Peggy Payne Garrett

    This man should never get a new trial – him, nor Wilson – they are cold blooded killers. I understand he had a less than perfect life, but who has had a perfect life. He chose to be a murderer. Here it is at Christmas, and just remember the victims did not have 15 Christmases that they have had, nor will they ever have one. They took 4 young people from their familes and friends, plus possibly ruined two others’ lives. Why would the court system EVEN consider a new trial because of a bad childhood. PUHLeeze.

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