Colorado Boy, 6, Suspended for Kissing Girl on Hand

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(CNN) — Hunter Yelton is an energetic first-grader who has a passion for science and P.E., but it’s his love of a classmate that now has him labeled as a “sexual harasser.”

Hunter’s mother, Jennifer Saunders, told CNN affiliate KRDO the Canon City, Colorado, 6-year-old has a crush on a girl in his class. Hunter told KRDO he kissed the student on the hand during reading group. That landed him a two-day suspension from school and an entry of sexual harassment in his school file.

Robin Gooldy, the superintendent of Canon City Schools, told HLN Tuesday that students aren’t labeled sexual harassers after the first innocent grade-school kiss, but if unwelcome contact or touching continues, it will be noted in the student’s file.

Hunter Yelton

Hunter Yelton

Hunter and his mom admit this isn’t the first time Hunter has kissed his classmate. He’s been suspended before for kissing the same student on the cheek, but Saunders insists the two are “boyfriend and girlfriend” and that the attention isn’t unwelcome. Saunders is outraged that her son has been labeled a “sexual harasser,” a label that will stay in his file as long as he is in the Canon City school district.

“How can you do this? How can you say this about my child? Remove sexual harassment, remove it from his record. I’m going to stand up and fight for him because that’s not the case, that’s not what happened at all,” Saunders told KRDO.

But Gooldy said there are two sides to every story. “Our main interest in this is having the behavior stop because the story is not just about the student that was disciplined, it is also about the student receiving the unwanted advances. We have to think about both students in the situation.”

Gooldy told HLN that Hunter’s record won’t follow him to other school districts, and the discipline will stop as soon as the kissing does.


    • Dawn Renee Lanier

      Please, guys, let’s not use this tragedy to talk about ‘liberal agendas’ and ‘leftists’, this is a serious overreach that will impact this little guy as long as he is in school in the state of Colorado. Instead of bellyaching about what you think is a liberal mistake, work toward changing these atrocities. The school district got it wrong…

      • Branko Pezdi

        I vote against politicians, i.e. leftists/liberals, with these mindsets. Do you? Your response is a precise illustration of the problem. Denying the facts is not a solution. The nation, and a major political party, has been hijacked over the past half century by – and I won’t mince words here – an evil ideology, of which this incident with the 6-year-old is a stereotypical example. I reject your faux outrage.

    • Jackie

      That is so an understatement these days! Uggh!! Sounds like the school has been Harrasing This student and his Mom for some time now..

  • Sane

    This is the dumbest thing i have ever heard of. These school systems are taking things a little to far. The least of your worries should be a 6yr old kissing someone on the hand.

    • Wake Up

      Jay, the members of the Canon City School board are; Mike Near, Larry Oddo, Llyod Harwood, Shad Johnson, and Mary Kay Evans. How many of these members are liberals? Of course, you do not know and would rather just throw around innuendos!

  • Roger Gluckleder

    Someone needs to take Robin Gooldy, out and slap her/him that age they don’t even understand the word sex. Get a lawyer and sue the hell out of this school district .Seems to me your child is the one being labeled Illegally ..Good old common sense is lost in this politically correct and morally corrupt society. Robin Gooldy, give me a call, I’d like to give you a piece of my mind and back hand. These are little more then toddlers and you want to treat them like they are 12 years old…Shame on you and those that support your stupid mind set.

  • Lee Roy Sanders Jr

    I had a girl friend in kindergarten too at that age. I just didn’t like her pulling on my ears so hard because it hurt. If she had of kissed me I would not have minded that or cuddled and held hands. No record was made against her. She was just told not to pull on my ears any more because it hurt!

    I just don’t understand today’s world where people are trained to be so pinned up inside, that twists our behavior outside of human nature.

    The public needs to begin to see that thought control exists. Citizens are trained through the mass media with thoughts to think and thoughts not to think. It absolutely has gone too far and has limited our choices and the trust given authority.

    A practice should exist where the class should hold hands and swing their hands back and forward 5 times. Each time slowing down the swinging, stop and wait for a moment before they release each others hands slowly. Each day that person they hold hands with is switched till each person has held each persons hands at least once.

    The students will begin to have a better respect for each other and a better understanding of human nature.

  • Jackie

    Amen!! What a Crock this school system and a lot of our world these days is! At 6 yrs old, he is just a loving little boy! Get a grip ppl!!!

  • hayley watkins

    this is rediculous i have 3 small children two of winch are little boys, and i teach them love among many other things.i strongly encourage them to hug, give kisses and to always tell eachother i love you. is it not the greatest gift we can give one another?! “love”?! and now our children are being punished for a healthy upbringing?! i would much rather hear about a little boy expressing the love he was brought up recieveing than kids bullying other kids or even weapons being brought into the school systems

  • Mark Johnson

    I wonder if a girl kissed a girl on the hand if she would get kicked our? Probably not, school would be afraid of the LGBT network

  • Beth edwards

    He’s 6. Its not sexual anything. However if he has been asked to stop and wont, that is the same as poking, hitting, name calling, etc
    He needs to be told by Mom to quit. Apparently the little girl doesnt like it. Some kids get to where they dont want to go to school, etc because another kid repeatedly bothers them. As for Mom- Girlfriend- He’s 6 . He doesnt need a girlfriend, shouldnt be asked if he has one,or be encouraged to have one.

  • Benjamin Tielking

    Hi. Aspiring Country Music Artist:”Rockin Matt Tielking” here. All I have to say is “LOVE” NOT “HATE”. If we don’t allow “LOVE” to grow?…then “HATE” will grow. I believe the younger a person learns to LOVE & RESPECT others…then they will continue a healthy pattern of LOVE & RESPECT throughout their life. Happy Season to all! ~Rockin Matt.


    WTH has happened to common sense? This possibly over-affectionate child did nothing wrong, as far as I can see, Now the idiots who made something sweet and natural into something taboo, wrong, disgusting, you should all be ashamed of yourselves, this could affect him in relationships, especially with females the rest of hislife

  • Terri

    This is so wrong ! This is a child not a sex offender ! A kiss on the cheek, jeeeez ! America is getting too foreign in my opinion! Bless his heart and you go mom !

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