6-Year-Old Boy Starts Online Petition To Save NASA

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DENVER, Co. (WHNT) - A little boy who dreams of becoming an astronaut one day is on a mission to save NASA.  He has started an online petition on the White House website.

Connor Johnson is 6 years old and fixated on space.  Not just because it's pretty cool, but because Connor is quite sure space will be his future.

"The whole reason I want to be an astronaut so I can discover, like, new worlds," he says.

Connor says, since he was three, he's been inspired by NASA.

"To discover like asteroids or stuff that I could build stuff out of."

NASA has given countless kids like Connor reason to believe they too can land in space.  But recently, over Thanksgiving, Connor learned Congress is cutting funding to the space program.

"He was disappointed to hear that they were decreasing funding," said Connor's mother.

Connor knew he had to do something.  He chipped in his allowance - just over $10.  Then, he decided to give his whole piggy bank to NASA.

But then, after talking with his family, he decided to create an online petition.  They put it out there, posting it on Facebook and emailing friends and family.  That got him about 40 signatures.

A Denver news station shared it, helping bring in more signatures.  To get a response from the White House, it needs 100,000 signatures.

Which means Connor needs roughly 99,000 more.

"While I would be very sad, NASA is mostly the only space station, like space company, I've known for a very long time."

A young boy inspired to take on a huge challenge to help save the very place that taught him to think big.  Just think of all the significant moments that started with someone's little dream.

Johnson must get 100,000 signatures by December 29.  As of Monday morning, his petition had nearly 4,000 signatures.  Sign the online petition.


    • Wake Up

      NASA does a lot of military related activities. It is a part of the war machine that must be fed more tax money to be satisfy.

  • David Firnhaber

    There are good reasons to not sign this petition. Not to let a 6 year old boy down, but this country needs funds to help the people here on the ground. The education system needs attention. The welfare system needs attention. The health care system needs attention. The social security system needs attention. The pharmaceutical operations need attention. And pay attention to Homeland security. Pay attention to the things here on the ground that affect the citizens of the greatest nation on the planet. Look to the stars to fulfill your spirit, and continue to dream, but PAY attention to your neighbors and start dreaming of ways to make positive changes where they really count.

    • Keith

      But NASA’s budget is a less than a miniscule fraction of the dollar. A lot of the solutions to the problems we face on earth are discovered in space, and by the researchers who work with NASA. Advancements in computing technology, physical sciences, energy and infrastructure etc… all had NASA’s hand in it.

      In short, we NEED Nasa to survive this century

  • Victoria Schaffer

    When the people of this country finally realize that NASA is not just “space”, they will have the appropriate respect for the work they do. A researcher I work with is partnered with a world renown hospital developing a material for hip replacements. It doesn’t erode. I also work with a guy who developed a patent for the ceramic brakes being used on commercial airliners. Another person is working with sand to find a way to keep engines from breaking down because sand turns to glass when it is heated. Really screws up the engines our military use in the Middle East. Do your homework, people. NASA is WAY more than space.

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