UPDATE: Gurley Police Chief Dies from Self-inflicted Injury

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GURLEY, Ala. (WHNT) - The Madison County Coroner confirms Gurley Police Chief Buddy Deen has passed away from a self-inflicted injury.

The coroner was called to a home in New Hope on Thursday evening to reports of a death.

Gurley Mayor Robert Sentell says an interim police chief has been named.  Mayor Sentell said as of Thursday evening he had already received calls of condolences from surrounding community city officials and law enforcement officers.

The Investigation into Gurley Police Chief Buddy Deen's death continues. (Matt Kroschel, WHNT)

The Investigation into Gurley Police Chief Buddy Deen's death continues. (Matt Kroschel, WHNT)

Thursday evening, crime tape covered Deen's office inside Gurley City Hall.  The Madison County Sheriff's Office is investigating further.

An officer who asked not to be named told WHNT, “Chief Deen was a great man and friend.”

Deen was named chief about three years ago after the former chief retired from his post, according to Mayor Sentell.


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  • John Doe

    I’m so sorry to hear this. Before the US got involved in war in the Middle East, law enforcement was in the top 3 careers that had the highest suicide rates. Stress truly is a silent killer. It can cause debilitating anxiety attacks and depression. That alone can rob someone of the feeling of hope and the things they used to love they no longer care about. May God help this man’s family, friends & coworkers deal with this tragedy.

    Research stress and find ways of dealing with it before it strikes. Prolonged stress can cause disease, death and a host of health issues even anxiety & depression. If you need help please take the time to find it.

  • eddie braxton johhnson

    what stress??..He was probably about to be indicted or investiagated for some stuff and then took the easiest way out!! can’t be stress. i strongly disagree. j

    • chris

      Eddie… are you a cop?? Are you married to one?? Then you have no idea how much stress law enforcement officers and their families have . It doesn’t mean that he was part of any investigation.. look at the facts and studies there are more suicides this time of year than any other time of the year. Have some compassion.. and if you can’t say something nice don’t say anything at all.. marry christmas…

  • Deputy L. Tom Carubie (ret.)

    I don’t know any of you and I mean nothng but respect. I spent 27 years in law enforcement and will judge no ones actions. I will only share one comment, “There but for the grace of God…..” Rest in peace brother, I’m sure your love will be remembered.

  • Hickory Taylor

    The amount of deaths each year of police officers by their own hand is probably 3 times or more what we lose through violent assaults against officers. There is a plague in this country of police officers killing themselves and it is next to impossible to get city administrators to address the issues. They teach cops to shoot, drive, write reports but they have never taught them how to deal with stress. They do not teach managers how to address employees in crisis. They kick these guys to the curb and let them kill themselves. It is truly a shameful way of treating our protectors. Spend some of the training budgets each year on how to take care of themselves. It’s cheaper than training a new cop and doesn’t screw up as many families.

  • Chelle B nelson

    their are now 5 children without a father,a wife without a husband.Amy will left be picking up the slack and the mess buddy left behind.Sheeesh…he was a coward to do this to his kids.
    prayers to amy and those poor little ones.

    • Sue

      I feel EXTREMELY bad for his family and 5 children! Since it is almost Christmas it is really tough for them when it should be such a happy time that everyone celebrates. I haven’t heard the reason he did this but. obviously he was very devastated about something. Suicide is a last step and affects so many people who love you and depend on you. There are so many unanswered questions and the ones closest to you always wonders if they could have done something to prevent it. I do not see it as a “coward’s” way out . I would certainly not call him that since no one has said why. It is very disrespectful to him and his family!

  • Paula

    Please refrain from name calling of a man that a lot of people loved and cared a lot about. I personally have known his oldest son since birth and I assure you he could and probably will eventually be reading the comments. The very last thing this child needs at this time is someone calling his father a coward or any other name. Please respect the fact that it doesn’t matter at this point how Buddy died, all that matters to the ones that love him is that he is now gone. If you don’t have something nice to post than don’t post anything. That’s the most respectful thing that anyone could do for his wife and children and other family members and friends. They really don’t need anymore grief added to what they’re already trying to cope with at this time. Who are you to judge anyways, completely out of line to call someone a coward, or to accuse someone of anything. Thank you for respecting this request, I’m asking this on behalf of all the family members, friends, coworkers and anyone that’s grieving over his loss.

  • Chief L. Armour Bonds Sr.

    On behalf of the Alabama Association of Chiefs of Police, we share in your sorrow and loss; however rest assure, God will provide what you need to endure this hardship. He like no one else, knows your pain! Our prayers are with you. Chief Bonds (Chaplain, AACOP).

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