Decatur Woman Known for Surviving Boat Accident Charged with Selling Marijuana

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Molly Moses (Photo: Decatur Police Dept.)

DECATUR, Ala. (WHNT) – A young woman known for surviving a horrific boat accident and beating the odds time and time again has been arrested.

Molly Moses (Photo: Decatur Police Dept.)

Molly Moses (Photo: Decatur Police Dept.)

Police say Molly Moses sold quantities of marijuana on three separate occasions.  They arrested her Wednesday, December 4.

The Decatur Police Department’s Organized Crime Unit conducted an undercover investigation during the month of October.  Officers say they bought high-grade hydroponic marijuana from Moses each of those three times.  Each time, they purchased hundreds of dollars worth of the drug.

Police say the street value of the hydroponic marijuana was approximately $3,000.00 to $3,500.00 per pound. During the operation, Moses offered to sell a pound of marijuana for that price.

Police obtained three felony warrants for Moses, charging her with unlawful distribution of a controlled substance.

They arrested Moses on Wednesday, December 4 at an apartment complex on Cedar Lake Road.  Police say they found marijuana and drug use paraphernalia in her residence.

Police charged Moses with distribution of a controlled substance, possession of marijuana 2nd degree and unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia.

Moses was taken to the Decatur City Jail.  She will be transferred to the Morgan County Jail.  Her bond is set at $16,000.

Moses is well-known for surviving a boat accident with her father.  The two were night fishing and she was thrown out of the boat and got caught in the propeller.  Moses was severely hurt but survived, and has been through dozens of surgeries in the past few years.

She has also been an advocate for raising awareness about the need for blood donations, encouraging people to give regularly.  Moses required a number of units of blood to survive the accident.


  • Branko Pezdi

    I don’t understand the law on “unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia.” It’s legal to sell it and legal to buy it but illegal to own it??

      • the outlaw

        um nope, years ago when i smoked cigarettes i was stopped for speeding. i rolled my own cigarettes because it was cheaper. the officer told me that the rolling papers i had could result in a charge. thankfully he was kind and let me go with a warning. i could have a tarnished record if he saw fit.

  • Red

    So… she survived terrible accidents, advocated blood donation which could have certainly helped people, smoked marijuana which obviously caused her no physical or mental problems, and provided a product to people that was in high demand…. but once the Decatur Police Dept get hold of her, she will be ruined. That will teach her to not be so resilient. Good job boys. The people who were buying from her will buy from someone else now, and she will sit in jail for a long long time not being productive in anyway shape or form.

  • Mike420

    What waste of time. Shouldn’t the police be focusing on drunk drivers and meth users? OH.. That’s right theirs nothing safer than arresting a peaceful hippy who saved more lives than they ever could by organizing a blood drive because she can score some really good weed. What a waste of tax payer dollars..

  • Reginia

    Maybe I’m missing something, but why shouldn’t she be arrested like everyone else? Seems like to me that she used the pity publicity party from her injury and her “little good girl” persona as a mere front for her dealing. After all, who would suspect her, right? She shouldn’t be treated any different than anyone else. She put drugs on the street so she should pay with time for her crime.

      • Mike420

        You are missing the big picture James.. This is a huge waste of tax payer resources. Do you even realize how much detectives are paid these days? And you can bet it was over a month long investigation or pretty dam close, now go ahead and do the math for us and hopefully you realize that in that same month their will be about 2,000 people who died from drunk driving accidents. How many people died from smoking pot in that same time period? A BIG FAT ZERO… No one will die from smoking pot, or driving while stoned because it makes people drive slower. The faster you are going the more severe the accident. Now lets look at the death stats for prescription drug abuse, which pharmacy’s and pharmaceutical companies are responsible for. One person dies every 19 minutes from prescription drug abuse in the United States. But yet the corporations and stores that hand out the poison are no where near focused on in the media like marijuana use is and they are rarely held responsible for the deaths through jail time or fines.

  • Lisa

    I guess you guys really see no harm in smoking pot? What about the psychosis it can cause? the hallucinations? Are you all really that uninformed?

    • Mike420

      Your the misinformed one here Lisa, maybe you should read up on your allegations before you make them. Hallucinations? Nope.. Psychosis? Nope.. Deaths from use? Nope.. Marijuana is illegal because of people like you who spread fears and misinformation. I guess it’s also OK that 70,000 Mexicans have dies for your fears and misinformation too, cause they have brown skin right? Half the arrest in America are for simple pot charges. Ergo they had a joint on them and now they are a burden on taxpayers because they can’t get a job and they end up going on welfare. All because of people like you spreading fears and misinformation.. I smoke pot but yet I can find several things wrong with your grammar, are you on something?

  • tommy

    yall are all stupid Decatur police is smart she is dumb first of all because she sold to them an I think they need to get the drugs off of the street an if u yall want marijiuana yall need to go to Colorado an get out of Alabama we don’t want it here an just for the woman whos kid is sick an wants marijuana legalized here in Alabama she needs to go to Colorado an get out of our state I would almost bet all these people who want this in our state are not from here roll tide roll keep up the good work Decatur police dept im proud of yall

  • Ariel

    Marijuana is good for you period. It’s legal in 20 states and Washington D.C., It’s better for you than any over the counter medicine, and of course the obvious tobacco, alcohol and prescription drugs. It also works better than any of those drugs because marijuana is not a drug at all it is a herb. Also, i remeber when entrapment was illegal and it was for a very good reason maybe the police should try to actually do their jobs instead of setting people up its kinda funny there’s never a problem till the police get involved. It’s also a shame that this girls bond was set at such a high price when there was man here that was trying to lure little girls in his car, but his bond was only $5,000. How is that right? Police should really try to do something about the meth and crack/cocaine in Alabama but thanks to a new law meth offenders cant be sent to prison due to over crowding, also its hard to catch people who are actually doing something wrong which is why they always target these people and why its not legal here yet.

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