Prosecutor: No Charges for FSU Quarterback Jameis Winston

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Jameis Winston

(CNN) — Almost a year after a Florida State University student first accused quarterback Jameis Winston of rape, the state attorney for Lee County, Florida, made an announcement regarding the investigation.

Lee County State Attorney Willie Meggs says Winston will not face charges.

Asked why no charges would be filed, Meggs said: “We have a duty as prosecutors to only file … charges if we have a reasonable likelihood of a conviction.” He added: “We did not feel we could meet that burden.”

The woman said Lee, quarterback of the Florida Seminoles football team, raped her in December. According to police documents, the woman told investigators she was drinking with friends at a bar called Potbellys. They later left her after consuming several shots, according to the documents.

She said she does not remember much of what happened next, but told investigators she remembered winding up in a ground-floor apartment where a man took off her clothes and had sex with her despite her objections.

The woman came forward a month later to accuse Winston, but Tallahassee’s interim police Chief, Tom Coe, said last week that she “broke off contact” with investigators in February and at the time no longer wanted to go forward with the case.

The woman’s family has said that a detective had warned her attorney that Tallahassee is a “big football town” and that her life could be miserable if she pursued the case.

The case resurfaced after media outlets made public records requests for the initial complaint.

Last month, Winston’s attorney announced his client and the woman had consensual sex. The woman’s family shot back saying, “To be clear, the victim did not consent. This was rape.”

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  • Nate Wellman

    After so many shot and what not and not remembering consensual or not much less where or how she got there doesn’t sound like a case to me. ROLL TRIBE!

    • Justice

      Leaving stupid comments and making a rape case all about football doesn’t make you sound like you’re a smart person. Are you so stupid that you don’t know that the noun form of “consensual” is “consent”? You have to be pretty dumb to assume that liable consent comes when one is intoxicated. Hey, guess what? The fact that she doesn’t know how she got there practically proves that she was raped. It’s imbecilic, uneducated citizens like you who make life hell for the victims.

      • Karin

        Absolutely agree with Justice. What a stupid moronic comment. But just to point out that the report says she did say “no” after she came to. Being drunk is no excuse for someone else to rape you or take advantage of you. It is extremely stupid to become so drunk you can’t remember, but it’s not a crime. Like Justice said, though… if someone is that drunk they don’t have the capacity to consent to sex. If he had called her a cab and sent her home, that would have made him worthy of being called a real “man.” Taking her to his apartment and undressing her… and whatever followed, makes him — in my opinion — an opportunistic sleeze ball. Just because you play football, doesn’t give you a pass on “character”…. Maybe in your world, but not in mine.

  • frank

    Looks like someone needs to pull the 2×4 out of their own eye before they worry about a splinter in someone else.

  • nate

    Well you almost mad a good point until you let ignorance speak first to put someone else thoughts down and call them stupid and dumb. One shouldn’t intoxicate themself to the point of not knowing what is going on. I didn’t say what happened was a roll model event so kiss off. Its ppl like you who try to put others thoughts down that make life a one way street for others that may have a thought about a topic. And talking big over a news page makes you that less of a person

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