Community Free Clinic Treats Thousands of Patients

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - Imagine being sick or needing medication for a serious condition like hypertension or diabetes and having no health insurance. That’s where the Community Free Clinic is stepping in to help.

The clinic is open to anyone who lives in Madison County and doesn’t have insurance.

There’s rarely a slow moment at the Community Free Clinic on Sivley Road in Huntsville. Thousands of patients are treated there every year. Tony Fitchard is one of them. Fitchard is a construction worker. The Huntsville native is diabetic and relies on the clinic for care and medication.

"It's been a great help," says Fitchard. "You need places like this. People that care and want to take care of you when you don't have proper insurance to take care of yourself."

Three part-time workers and 150 volunteers keep the clinic running. Executive Director Shotsie Platt showed WHNT NEWS 19 around the facility, where they can handle everything from sinus infectionsto eye exams and managing chronic conditions like hypertension.

There’s also a pharmacy, which Platt says an estimated 2,700 medications are dispensed monthly. After a few minutes, WHNT NEWS 19 interrupted the tour with a $319 cash surprise.

"This will help so much,” said Platt. "This is the best part of my job. It’s amazing that people are so generous in this community."


  • Wake Up

    With the passage of the ACA, states that expand their Medicaid will not have this problem any more. Obamacare will pay 100% (0% state funds) of the cost of expansion for the next three years, and 90% (10% state funds) forever after that period. States like Alabama that refuse to expand will continue to receive only 60% (40% state funds) of the cost of Medicaid from the federal government.

  • putter

    Obamacare , will not pay for any of these type programs. ( the tax payer will)! When will America learn, nothings free, someone has to pay for it. May Albert Gore Sr. was right.

    • Wake Up

      Bobby, even charity is not free — someone pays. It sounds like if you had your way there would be no government programs at all. No military defense — someone pays. No highway system — someone pays. No police or fire protection — someone pays. It is crazies like you that make no sense at all. Would your preferred world be pay as you go for everything? Oh, by the way, I like your new screen name, putter!

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