Alabama Out of BCS Title Game? Not So Fast!

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TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WHNT)  A day after #1 Alabama lost to #4 Auburn, the defeat still stings for Bama fans who were hoping for a third straight trip to the BCS title game.

Those hopes have been dashed, but maybe not.  While Alabama's chances of going to Pasadena are slim, there is a path.   A path that would lead to Iron Bowl Part Deux.

For the Tide to have a chance, an unlikely scenario would have to unfold next Saturday.  Florida State would need to lose to Duke and Ohio State would need to fall to Michigan State.   If that happens and Auburn beats Missouri in the SEC title game, the Tigers would then likely move to number one.   And you guessed it, Alabama would move into the number two spot.

While Duke is ranked number 20, Florida State is favored by more than two touchdowns in the game.   Ohio State is favored by 6 against Michigan State.


    • Wayne Davis

      There will not be a rematch because Florida State is not going to lose. So all you Bama fans can quit dreaming for a rematch. It will be Florida State vs Auburn for the National Championship Game so just deal with it.

      • Laura

        Auburn falls to Missouri and Ohio State falls to Michigan State….BAM. back in the BCS goes Bama!!! We dont rely on miracles to win our games!

      • Frankie

        BAMA may not make it to the BCS NC, but neither will Auburn because they will not make it past Missouri and that’s not wishing that’s a fact

      • Pam

        Tim I wouldn’t say it’s not going to happen Florida St. Can’t loose… Because I never thought Alabama would lose to Auburn!!! But hey they got lucky!!! So yes us Alabama is going to keep Dreaming that we get another chance with Auburn to show them and their fans… That they can’t beat us twice!!! So Go Alabama Roll tide Roll..❤🐘🏈

      • Waymon

        Not so fast, Wayne, and thanks Wes for bringing my post of yesterday, on, when I said:

        But, hold on Nelly, I see the final result to be fair, and without the Yankeeism:
        Duke beats FSU
        MSU (one of the Little Eight) beats OSU( one of the BIG 10 TWO)
        Auburn beats Mizzo,
        BAMA and Auburn meet in the NC, with BAMA coaches, and players playing 60-minutes (in this game), shutting out Auburn, again!
        ROLL TIDE

      • David Carncom

        If Ohio State loses to Michigan State and Auburn looses to Missouri, Alabama will move to number 2 and Play Florida State for the championship.

      • robert

        Ok Bammers let me break it down for you. Even if Auburn and OSU lose, you do not get there. Mizzou would jump bama. A team with the same record and Your Conference Champion would go over the third place SEC team. Get over it, you are not going unless OSU and FSU loses. So after one of them wins don’t get your hopes up.

  • kesha cody

    Well sabin is a alright coach but he has a major putty mouth and you could clearly read his lips last night and he cursed a lot and what mademe lose most my respect for him is when he said gods name in vain

  • Noel

    roll tide roll and war eagle for my wife. bring it home to the state of alabama for 5 in a row. now say something.

    • Amanda

      Come on people really….I proud of both teams lets keep it in Alabama Both teams gave it their all. I wish Auburn the best. WAR EAGLE!!

  • Danika

    I am a Bama fan all the way but Auburn played a good game, they won and deserve it. I’m just proud to say an Alabama team is going. I hope Auburn goes all the way and wins it. Bama has next year to clean up their mistakes. Roll Tide!

  • Tooie James

    I am a auburn fan I would love to see a rematch but I don’t think it will happen nor do I think we will be there ether Florida state will win Ohio will win leaving
    us at #3

      • Sam Mitchell

        And Thresa, you think SABAN is over paid, google the top ten highest paid college coaches? Their ALL up there with SABAN 3,4,5 million plus!

      • Nicci

        I’m not an Alabama or Auburn fan but I will say Saban is an excellent coach. So is Malzahn. That being said, I think they are all overpaid.

      • Renee

        I guess when you have as many crystal balls as he does you can get whatever pay you want.cuz he is just that good roll tide

      • Waymon

        But, # Nicci
        December 2, 2013 at 4:50 am

        “I’m not an Alabama or Auburn fan but I will say Saban is an excellent coach. So is Malzahn. That being said, I think they are all overpaid.”

        Saban only paid his salary 4 times over with the revenue brought into the hamper!

  • Wake Up

    College football is like the third grade — everyone gets a trophy/ribbon! They have so many bowl games that everyone gets to go to one and think they are the greatest!

  • s. l. armor

    I love it when everybody runs their mouth about “their” team, when most of them didn’t even go to that school. ITS A GAME. YOU “PLAY” A GAME. Geez get a life.

  • robert norris

    well if its FSU and auburn aurin no championship back to alabama because theys no way in hell auburn can beat FSU hell auurn cant at beat ohio.they may even get beat by missouri and if that happens that will be funny.but oh hell the gonna go home with out a championship if they play FSU or OHIO state

  • Chris

    Let’s get one thing straight. FSU will NOT lose to Duke. Therefore the above said scenario will not happen. Give it up Bama. Go Noles!

    • robert

      Well said, I actually think it will be over 9 mins left in the second quarter. The even funny part is everyone wants to play FSU as if they could dominate them. Go Noles!!!

  • Nicci

    To the person who said Bama doesn’t rely on miracles to win games …. that scenario is HIGHLY unlikely and would be, for Bama, a miracle. Maybe you should start praying for one.

  • jimmy

    bama get a life. davis being in the end zone had nothing to do with luck mal knew that rookie could not make that field goal and he sent davis to return it. saban is stupid for putting that much pressure on a red shirt freshman

  • Teri Mccutchen

    When announcing the top 10 teams last night the commentators said, “take Alabama out of the top 5, now who’s the best team?” That tells us that even though Alabama lost, they are still considered the BEST

  • Jan Duke

    The Duke team is not our fathers’ Duke team. Let’s face it: the Seminoles have had an extremely easy path to where they are now, so that is why the game is played, and pundits and trolls can say and write anything that they are capable of typing. Same goes for OSU and MSU. OSU was pushed to the wall by a 7-5 Michigan team who generated 603 yards of offense. College football has a way of upstaging any sports TV show, regardless of the quantity of experts on their panels. Greg Duke

  • preacher

    Breaking News: Bama just ordered a case of “Tebow” tissue to pass around the locker room. “Pride” cometh before a fall Mr. Saban. You have been humbled by a better team. Amen…

    • eugene

      Please leave God out of this Mess””””””””” Well Alabama would make it a Better Game No Reffs were bought off’ it was just meant for Auburn to Win as bad as i admit”””’it

  • eugene

    auburn will never make a game of it if it is Florida State” We Alabama fans don’t think that any one can Beat That Team”” They got a good Coach Wayne maybe you can help auburn

  • billy

    If you take a close look at the clip of the auburn player running that miracle you will see he was well out of bounds. If the ref would have been watching then they wouldn’t have been so lucky. Now auburn fans take that to the bank. Did they win or was it bought??

  • tammy gregory

    I think alabama and auburn should have to redo the game. auburn was out of bounds. the refs should not be paid and they should be fined. to much was riding on the game not to be reviewed.

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