Deadly Shooting at Iron Bowl Party

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HOOVER, Ala. – Our news partners at are reporting Hoover police are investigating a fatal shooting at an Alabama/Auburn party in Hoover tonight.

According to, an adult female was shot and pronounced dead on the scene at about 7 p.m. at the Summerchase at Riverchase apartments, Hoover Police Chief Nick Derzis said.

Another adult female was taken into custody but has not been charged, said Derzis, who said there were “multiple witnesses” at the scene.

“It was an Auburn/Alabama party, but we don’t know if it was related” to the game, Derzis said.

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      • Wake Up

        Branko, don’t forget to include Huntsville on that list! The cities you listed have problems because guns flood in from border states that allow anyone and everyone to get guns easily.

    • anthony

      Im pretty sure he was being sarcastic. Gun laws dont keep guns off the streets. Only outof the hands of law abiding citizens. You my friend are uneducated, ill informed & illogical. Probably voted for obama. Heck probably still think your vote actually counts for something. It’s ok though… i was also delusional once.

      • Wake Up

        Anthony, talk about illogical! From the logic that you and the NRA folks use, there is no sense in having any laws at all. For example, we have laws against murder, but they only keep law abiding people from killing people. The criminals will still murder, so why have the laws?

    • the outlaw

      you need to wake up. folks who use that term are usually on the other side of the fence on this issue. if the shooter in this case didn’t have a gun, they most likely would have killed the other person anyway. via knife or other deadly common household items.

      • Wake Up

        Outlaw, it sounds like you also feel that the mentally ill and convicted felons should be allowed to buy and own guns. After all, from your logic, they can just as easily use some other “deadly common household item” to kill people. You are correct — I am on the other side of the fence from you!

      • the outlaw

        no i think law abiding citizens should be allowed have firearms as stated in the constitution. take everyone’s guns from them and the u.s. would soon become the same as north korea. mentally ill men didn’t write the constitution. maybe you should move to crime ridden chicago.

      • Wake Up

        Outlaw, I do not have to move to Chicago to live in a crime ridden area — I live in Huntsville!! As for the Constitution, we have a standing army now and not militias that need the guarantee of a ready citizenry to serve.

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