Plane Crash Kills Teen in Limestone County

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LIMESTONE COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) - The NTSB is investigating a deadly small plane crash that happened in Elkmont Saturday afternoon.  The plane crashed into the yard of a home.

The small plane was being flown by 18-year-old Nick Loggins of Elkmont. The Sheriff's Office says Loggins died at the scene and was the only occupant in the plane.

Sheriff Mike Blakely says the department got the call shortly after one o'clock Saturday afternoon.  "A small one-engine plane crashed into the yard and part of the house," Sheriff Blakely says.

Sheriff Blakely says it's not clear how long Loggins had been in the air or where he was attempting to land.

The crash happened at Upper Fort Hampton Road near Veto Road.

Friends of Loggins say the plane was owned by his family. They say his family had recently bought the plane.

Friends tell us it was typical for Loggins to fly the plane around the area. Sheriff Blakely says their home is just up the road from where the crash happened.

Neighbors say the plane hit a utility pole before crashing into the yard of the home.

The Sheriff's Office says the crash is under investigation.  "We've contacted the FAA, and the National Traffic Saftey Board is sending someone up here to do the investigation into the crash," Sheriff Blakely says.

He says in such a small community this hits home. "A very sad and tragic situation right after Thanksgiving," Sheriff Blakely says.

Wreckage of plane crash in Elkmont.

Courtesy :WHNT Staff Photographer.


  • John

    We seen a private plane acting very erratic and flying
    Super low like a stunt pilot near the Owens area in limestone
    County. Minutes later the report came in of the crash.

  • Laura

    My son was watching that planes and came running inside telling me it was about to crash. He said it started nose diving! Then we heard about the crash.

  • Donald

    We heard it go through our back yard we live off highland ave sounded like it was about to crash into our house, noise of the engine was travelling northeasterly direction.

  • David Hill

    My brother ,his wife & their 2 girls(16 & 8) were in their car & the 16 year old had just gotten her liscense about a week ago & she was driving & they said that the pilot was appearing to have problems & they said the plane almost hit them just moments before the plane crashed

  • Jana

    This breaks my heart. I’m so very sorry for the family. To lose a child is devastating. Many prayers for them.

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