‘Fight’ breaks out over TVs at Walmart in North Carolina

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A video posted to YouTube on Thanksgiving appears to show a screaming mob fighting over televisions at a Walmart in Elkin, NC.

The video shows at least several people crowded around the televisions, when several people start pushing and shoving each other.

One man is seen throwing another to the ground and a woman’s voice is heard repeatedly screaming “Oh my God!”

Several police officers stood nearby but didn’t intervene. Eventually, a Walmart worker appeared to break up the fight.

The man who posted the video says he was kicked out of the store for recording the video.


  • Speed racer

    Rather than do antying to help them you stand by the record it. There are plenty of cameras in Wal Mart to do that already.

    • fatman

      Walmart wouldn’t cut there own throat to show that type of video. Only the good stuff for walmart. Shoppers of walmart you started this and can stop this

    • martiniano

      Why that’s just stupid Speed Racer. Let me guess, if you were there you would have pulled out your gun and shot some ace, right? North Carolina, where humanity pisses on itself.

  • N.S. Hensley

    When are these retail stores going to learn you don’t have special so called “door buster sales”, etc. to tempt shoppers? People have been badly injured in these promotions. Adults might be able to get out of the way of the fights, but small children could be crushed to death. Everyone shopping who is exposed to such violence should bring suit against the stores, and the security officers who stood by and permitted this to happen should be fired!

    • martiniano

      When are people going to learn to not shop at Walmart or places that have events like this? When are Americans going to learn they are hurting their nation shopping at Walmart? When are Americans going to learn that ruining their city to save a few dollars is un-American?

  • Elizabeth

    I’m from the town mentioned in this video. The police didn’t intervene, presumably because our officers are lazy. They prefer ganging up on innocent people than help people when they should. I’m honestly surprised the Wal-Mart employees stopped the fight at all. Yet another reason to be disappointed in the people in my hometown.

    • martiniano

      Why Glen, even the police didn’t help out. It is normal behavior in Walmart where the scum of America shop. Even the police don’t care. By recording this video Brian Spain got international attention when Walmart was happy to take the buffoon’s money for the TV but tossed Brian out for filming. If you don’t get it then maybe you just dumb.

  • Jason

    I wish there weren’t any so called “Black Friday” or any other deal busting days. Every single year there are deaths and injuries. I suppose both sides are to blame though.

    • martiniano

      How about if people would work harder, get better educations, have fewer children so that they could afford to buy a TV from a decent store rather than shopping at Walmart? American scum shops at Walmart. The rest of us pay a little more for a civil experience that helps a mom and pop stay in business.

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