Update: Red Bay Police Arrest Man, Thanks to Citizen Tip

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Timothy Gary Crum (photo courtesy of Red Bay Police)

RED BAY, Ala. (WHNT) — Red Bay Police say they arrested a man accused of domestic violence thanks to a tip Tuesday morning.

Red Bay Police asked WHNT News 19 to circulate Timothy Gary Crum’s picture. We did, and police say someone saw it on WHNT.com and called police to alert them about Crum’s location soon afterwards.

Police arrested Crum without incident.

Crum, 27, is accused of assaulting and trying to strangle a family member at a home in Red Bay.


  • Trolling

    Red bay police department is turned into a joke from beating people up in church and not even getting in trouble red bay is crooked as they come plain and simple

  • Red bay PD

    We made the arrest without doing any investigating cause that’s how we do it we make out own laws and even break them like beating old people up at church then we shake there hands nothing has happend to the officer except a pat on the back for the good jobs and taking down dangerous old folks in church

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