Madison Fire Chief Addresses Firefighter’s ‘No Heat’ Claim

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MADISON, Ala. (WHNT) -Temperatures all over the area are starting to drop. The number of layers we’re wearing is going up. Madison firefighters are wearing more clothes than usual. One of them sent WHNT NEWS 19 an email saying it’s still too cold inside his fire station.

The firefighter who sent the email was not available, so WHNT NEWS 19 shared the email with Madison Fire Chief Ralph Cobb.

Chief Cobb reacted to reading the allegations in the email by saying, “Ha, ha, ha.”

Of course, WHNT NEWS 19 blocked out the email address. The unidentified firefighter blamed the chief’s poor management decisions for the cold temperatures inside Fire Station 1.

“I we made some wrong decisions, he can come into my office and give us a better idea,” said Chief Cobb.

Chief Cobb did acknowledge one of the station’s five heaters is not working. Firefighters might notice the problem in the station’s day room and kitchen.

“It’s a design issue. It does not properly condition the outside air when it comes in. When we kicked on the heat at the beginning of the cold weather, we found out the heater is gone bad,” added Chief Cobb.

Chief Cobb plans to replace the faulty unit. He expects the design, bid and installation process to take 2-3 months.

The firefighter who sent WHNT NEWS 19 the email said it was 51 degrees when he clicked send. But, its was 60 degrees during our interview. The room did not feel that bad.

A dry erase board at the station shows the majority of firefighters turned down an option to move to other rooms with heat.

“It’s not that bad. That is why some of them have said they want to stay,” added Chief Cobb.

The faulty unit is one of the original units installed in the building about 16 years ago.