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Limestone County Judge: Convicted Rapist to be Re-Sentenced

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ATHENS, Ala. (WHNT) – Court documents show a Limestone County judge will re-sentence a man convicted of rape.  Initially, Austin Clem was essentially not going to serve any more time behind bars.

Judge James Woodroof sentenced Clem two weeks ago. Clem was convicted of one count of first-degree rape and two counts of second-degree rape.  The judge split the sentence, requiring Clem to only serve two years in community corrections and three years of supervised probation.

The victim's family protested, and news of the sentence spread to national groups, who brought pressure on the court.  The Limestone County District Attorney filed a motion asking the judge to stay the case and hold Clem in jail until the Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals reviewed the matter.

Tuesday, the judge said Clem would be re-sentenced.  No word yet on the date and time.


  • lukebandit

    Did the judge honestly think he could get away from this? Good JOB everyone who protested put pressure on this moron judge. Embarrassing wasn’t it judge? Everybody that knew you looked at you funny, said something and you couldn’t handle it? Wish you would still be removed from the bench and your state pension taken away from you. This young lady suffered horrible pain from this rapist and you had no right to what you did. #Justice4TheRapeVictims

  • John Doe

    Limestone county people need to git rid of the judge that was about to let the guy walk. Judges like that should be stripped of immunity and face a jury of the people.

  • chuck

    And it took pressure from national groups? How bout the judge do his job and put a slug in prison for what he did.

  • Sue

    He is a RAPIST! This judge evidently did not think this is a serious crime. Supervised probation? Ha!! The judge was going to follow him around everyminute? get real! I am glad to see all that has disappeared and hopefully this slime will get a long sentence. Toss the judge – or better let the slime stay at the judge’s house. Guess he would take it more serious if the threat of this happening was in his own house! These rapists have to be taken out of society. They will strike again.

  • Nathan J Morris Sr.

    Time for Woodruff to retire. How can he hear cases that are set before the court and render fair and unbiased sentences….oh, that’s right I forgot, it doesn’t have to be unbiased. Do the right thing Mr. Woodruff, retired from the bench!

  • eddie braxton johhnson

    supreme court!!!…thats double jeopardy!! cannot be re-sentenced twice!! this case is a legal farce!!

  • Crystal Turner Nichols

    So basically this guy raped a 14 year old and is basically getting away with it? When the same judge who sentenced this man for three counts of rape also had another rape case about 2 years ago and didnt have all the evidence because the lawyer was a moron to sentenced the man for 90 YEARS!!!! for three counts of rape. I seriously think we need a new judge and a new district atterney in athens/limestone alabama! Stope trying to make yourself look good and DO YOUR JOB!

  • Crystal Turner Nichols

    So basically this guy was convicted of rape three times and is basically getting away with it? The same judge who sentenced this man also sentenced a man about 2 years ago with the same thing but gave him 90 YEARS in prison. Something is not right here. I think the judge and the DA need to be replaced by people who take their jobs seriously. Come on DO YOUR JOBS RIGHT!!!!!

  • Sex Offender Issues (@SOIssues)

    Humm, w/no answer from the Court of Appeals he cannot re-sentence this guy. There has to be some glaring error brought to the court before a judge can entertain the thought of resentencing someone.

    Simply because he feels like it, thats not going to cut the mustard…this would not be double jeopardy, instead it is called manifest injustice (guy could claim that, unless it is in the guys favor, then he best shut up).

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