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Drivers Have Problems Seeing on Homer Nance Rd.

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No, drivers can't see in Madison County, not when they're at the intersection of Clearvue and Homer Nance.  If you're on Clearvue and want to turn on to Homer Nance, you had better be careful. "It's kind of blind,' says driver Rodney Morris.

He's right too. Because of the crest of a hill to the right, drivers on Clearvue have the briefest of moments to spot oncoming traffic. To the left there's another hill, though the sight lines are better.  For drivers coming from that direction there is a sign warning them that they're approaching an intersection, but for drivers coming in the other direction, which is far more dangerous, there's no warning at all.

"You have to really watch what you're doing. I've almost had a couple of accidents right here," says Morris.  "It's kind of dangerous, you can't hardly see anybody coming," says Deion Evans.

What makes the intersection even tougher is the speed.  The posted limit for Homer Nance is 35 miles per hour, but with our radar gun we found that most drivers are doing at least 40. We caught one driver doing 45.  Those speeds make the reaction time for drivers at the intersection even shorter.

"Something should be done," says Evans. We agree.  Recent work has made the road's surface better, but it hasn't helped the problem of being able to see oncoming traffic. WHNT News 19 is Taking Action and talking to Madison County officials.  This intersection needs help.


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