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Stay classy, Huntsville! Check out this groovy WHNT 1976 promo

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT)--  The 1970s was a strange decade in American history.   Bell-bottom pants and polyester leisure suits were all the rage.   Saturday night fever and the Bee Gees brought disco to life.   And here at WHNT News 19 it lead to a news promo that will likely leave you with one thought, "What were they thinking?"

In 1976 a news promo was produced by an Nashville based company for WHNT.   It featured both on air news personalities and behind the scenes support staff lip syncing.

A set of four were produced; two 30 second promos and two one minute promos.   All four can be seen in the clip above.   This brief taste of the 1970s should brighten your day.


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